November 25, 2011

New releases from Plastic Solider Company

The Plastic Solider Company's range of quality 15mm WW2 products has expanded yet again with a large number of new releases set to make any German player (like me) foam at the mouth.  Havng already purchased two boxed sets of the PzIV range I can atest to their quality - while they lack some of the detailing of the BF range and the satisfying weight they are excellent products. 

Among the new goodies are:

German Army Deals 
Panzergrenadier Company - £54.00

A four box 15mm Late War German Panzergrenadier Company Deal. Comprising 130 figures and 15 SdKfz 251/D Halftracks - enough for a 3 platoon plus HQ Flames of War Panzergrenadier Company. 

This same deal from Battlefront would cost you a hell of a lot more - 3 Platoon sets of PzGr alone would cost you NZ$270.

Panzer Army Deal - £75.00
A six box 15mm Late War German Panzer Army Deal. Comprising 130 figures, 15 SdKfz 251/D Halftracks and 10 Panzer IV tanks - enough for a 3 platoon plus HQ Flames of War Panzergrenadier Company with 2 platoons of panzer IVs.

Another unbelievable deal giving you huge savings on the normal BF range.

Panzer Army Deal - £42.00
A 3 box 15mm Panzer IV Company Deal. Comprising 15 x Panzer IV tanks. 

German Platoon Sets
Panzer III Ausf F, G & H - £16.50 for 5 tanks

StuG III Ausf F8/G - £16.50 for 5 tanks

And finally also due out in January next year are......

  • Panthers A, G & D variants 
  • Late War German HeavyWeapons
  • 15mm Russian Heavy Weapons 
  • 15mm Russian 45mm gun 
  • 15mm Decal sets for SS, Wehrmact and DAK Panzer Divisions
  • New plastic reinforcements range allowing you to buy single vehicles, HQs etc
They also have army deals set up for Russians and some more Allied stuff coming soon as well.  

I already two box sets of the PSC PzIV range and as I am starting to really like Mid-War will pick up some of the PzIII as well and come next year will be aiming for the Panthers too.  

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