December 31, 2011

WIP - High Elf Dragon Princes & T/Chariot

Managing to get more painting in this week.  Working on completing the first of two units of the new Plastic High Elf Dragon Princes, great looking kit and fantastic change from the awful metal models (esp. the horses).  Only completed the purple armour so far rest still FAR from done. 

One other change is a new process for adding snow.  Following some advice from the Stanton brothers at Panzershrek I decided to give RapidFilla a go.  Luckily I've been doing some repair work on the house and had some in the shed.  It drys quickly, applies far easier and more importantly will stay white.  It is also means an end to having to mix PVA/Water/Flock into the right consistency, having to ensure you apply it over a white surface (as it takes on the properties of the colours below it) and watching it slowly turn yellow over time (usually after a year or so).  Going to have to redo most of my High Elves with the Filla esp. the movement trays.

Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and your Whanau!!!

December 27, 2011

Starting a new Warhammer Army

Must be the Christmas Spirit but I'm giving serious consideration to starting up a 3rd WHFB army.  High Elves and Dwarfs are great but I feel I need something a little different and perhaps more nasty.

I did build a decent VC army a year or two ago but enjoyed painting it more than playing it (only used it 3-4 times) and sold it all on - save for a single Female Vampire.  Pity really as it was probably my best painted army - lots of pics on the blog still (think I have them linked somewhere) - well best painted army that hadnt required paint stripping.

So what do I choose?

Wood Elves
To nice, they dont suit my play style and I really dont like them as an army.

Dark Elves
Very nasty army, never enjoyed playing against them much, so are Evil enough.  But too many infantry figures to paint, I already have Elves, any colour scheme would clash with my High Elves and they dont interest me

Too many horses - can't paint horses, and the armies too one dimensional for me.  That and they a Nice race.

Another 'Nice' race, lots of horses and lots of infantry.  A lot of options too and basically too fiddly for me.  Really like the Preistly magic side of things, the Warmachines and detachments.  But they're not for me.

HA HA definately no - my Dwarfs would up and leave.

Warriors of Chaos
Evil yes, but no shooting (1 or 2 exceptions aside) and I like shooting.  Again like Dark Elves I had a lot of bad experiences playing against them which puts me off playing with them.

Beasts of Chaos
Don't interest me.

Daemons of Chaos
Don't interest me and honestly seem a bit OTT.

Vampire Counts
New book coming out soon, but I didnt like using them under 7th and dont plan on going back.

Hmmmm??  Great looking army, cool book, lots of nasties and useful range of options.  But just dont do it for me.

Tomb Kings
Very cool new book, but too much like Vampires for me.

Orcs n Goblins
Always wanted an O&G army.  The new book is awesome - might buy it for the hell of it - and the army plays really well.  But every man and his dog has OnG at the moment.

That leaves....

New book, new figures, new toys and a cool mix of combat, magic and shooting.  Plus they are Evil with some great fluff.  That and the models (Gnoblars aside) are all large and you only need a few per unit so theres less to paint, and what you do have to paint is less fiddly than Elves or Dwarfs.

So Ogre Kingdoms it is - getting a nice Xmas bonus next week in lieu of recent Union negotiated back pay, so I might pop out and buy the new book.  Will also look at the new Batt box....

Oh and of course theirs more Plastic Soldier Company vehicles to buy (PzIII, PzVs and SdKfz 251s) and some FOW books - North Africa, Monte Cassino and Grey Wolf.  Going to be a good year 2012

December 24, 2011

Thoughts on a new Dwarf Book & looking ahead to 2012

Mentioned in last post that a new Dwarf army book is expected early-mid next year.  Given the recent balancing act done with the new army books under 8th especially the dropping of army unique magic items to 8-10 items each I am starting to worry about seeing major changes to the Dwarven Rune system.  There are several runes that under 8th are redundant either because rule changes make them so or because no-one uses them, and others that clash with the new rules, or were weakened by them (e.g. RO Sanctuary and Magic Resistance). 

Hopefully the Dwarf book will keep the unique nature of the runic system and the rule of 3 but with GW you never know.  The major problem here for Dwarfs is that we cannot use any of the common magic items in the rulebook.  The massive breadth of items here must either be matched by an equally long list of items in the Dwarf book or balanced out by changes to the rune system that would allow similar runic items to be built. The former is simply unworkable and should not and will not happen.  The latter would work particularly where common pre-built runic items are used to accompany a smaller but more focused list of runes.  The pre-builds would be cheaper than building a similar item under the current book but come with penalties, such as either use pre-built or custom built.  Custom buiilt (those built by the player) would do a lot more but have a much higher points cost, and come with fewer restrictions.  This at least would require Dwarven players to make some concessions when it came to things, and would I guess stop people complaining about the uber-killer Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers etc.

Plans for 2012
Seems the right thing to do around this time of the year is to plan out what (we hope) the following year will bring. Gaming wise I have a serious painting backlog to get through but also a couple of new projects I would like to get off the ground.  Keeping it simple these are:
  • Build a gaming table for games at home
  • Finish unit of 20 Dwarven Quarrellers to complete army.
  • Build a display board for my Dwarf army.
  • Finish my High Elf painting backlog (about 50-60 models).
  • Re base my High Elfs to fix up all the yellowing snow.
  • Build a Mid-War FOW Africa Korp army (Panzer or Panzer Grenadier)
  • Play in at least 2 FOW tournaments
  • Play in at least 2 WHFB tournaments
Thats about it.  Of these building the gaming table at home and a Mid-War FOW army are the top priorities.  After that its finishing off the High Elf painting which has been on the back burner for nearly 8-9 months now.  In fact I already have plans for the table sorted and will be getting the wood next week :)

Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday

MERRY CHRISTMAS to my New Zealand and International followers/readers, all the best for the holiday season. To my Whanau in Christchurch heres hoping the stupid earthquakes stop soon.

In some great gaming news Battlefront has provided a fantastic early Christmas & Birthday Present (I'm 38 on Xmas Day) in the official announcement that the 3rd Ed rules are due out in March - although as a large number of BF people are local club members I did have some forewarning.

Best of all they are going to continue the practice of giving a free mini-rulebook to anyone who has a copy of the 2nd Ed hardback rules. And the Mini-rulebook is 294 pages long

Oh and the new Dwarf Rulebook should be out in March/April as well - 2012 is going to be a great year gaming wise.

December 20, 2011

Dwarves at New Zealand Fantasy Masters

The army lists for this years WHFB New Zealand Masters tournament are slowly appearing on the net, and the Dwarf lists reveal some interesting thinking on the part of the respective players.  I don't know what the Comp rules are for the event but the lists are 2400pts and I assume that standard hard caps and no double rares apply.  The two Dwarf players competing and their lists are:

Daryl Painter 
Ranked 11th & Best NZ Dwarf General

Dwarf Lord 
w. Shield Bearers,Great Weapon,Ro Stone,MRo Spite, Ro Furnace, Ro Preservation.

Battle Std Bearer 
w. MRo Gromil,Ro Might, Ro Fire, Ro Furnace.

w. Great Weapon, Mro Balance, Ro Spellbreaking.

20x Quarrellers 
w. Standard, Musician, Champion, Great Weapons.

20x Quarrellers 
w. Standard, Musician, Champion, Great Weapons

10 x Ranger 
w. Great Weapons, Throwing Axes.

30 x Hammerers 
w. Standard, Musician, Champion, Mro Grungi

30 x Slayers 
w. Std Bearer

w. Ro Forging

Grudge Thrower 
w. Ro Accuracy, Ro Penetrating, Ro Burning

Organ Gun 

Total - 2387

Interesting list that gives Daryl four reasonably strong blocks of infantry.  Taking of two blocks of Quarrellers is something I have considered.  The extra shooting is beneficial but the reduction of the AS in combat to 6+ vs. 5+ reduces your chances of making that save by 16.6%, but I assuming here that he is relying on their T4 to save them from having to make an AS in the first place.  Deployment would I assume be in 2 ranks of 10 giving him 40 shots every round (Crossbows can't volley fire).  The Rangers appear to be a throw away unit to road block opponents and to give his Quarrellers and Grudge Thrower time to do damage.  Personally I would put RO Burning on the Cannon to take out big nasties like the HPA.  Lord is pretty well protected and I'd assume that he would go with the Hammerers, but then again putting him with the Slayers might be interesting (as I don't take Slayers I can't remember if he can do this or not).  BSB not protected enough for my liking but RO Might makes him S8 against anything T5 or higher which is good.  Big nasty block of unbreakable slayers deployed in horde will also cause people problems.

Thom Van Roekel
Ranked 6th

w. Shield, Rune of Stone, Rune of Preservation, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spell Breaking x2

Battle Standard Bearer 
w. Master Rune of Gromril, Rune of Preservation, Master Rune of Challenge, Rune of Fire.

Master Engineer

Dragon Slayer  
w. Rune of Fire, Rune of Speed.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer

20 x Warriors  
w. Great Weapons, Veteran, Standard Bearer, Musician

10 x Quarrellers

28 x Longbeards 
w. Great Weapon, Veteran, Standard Bearer, Musician, Master Rune of Grungni.

29 x Hammerers
w. Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician.

5x Miners

5x Miners

w. Engineer, Rune of Burning

w. Engineer, Rune of Reloading

Organ Gun


Total - 2400pts

Not sure about this list. Its more suited to the play style of my Club mate Adam who likes to bulk up on Heroes.  Yes those Dragon Slayers are good for redirecting units and getting in peoples way but they and the Master Engineer represent 230pts that could have been spent elsewhere.  However, if they survive the Slayers and the Miners could prove annoyingly difficult for people.  It offers much better anti-magic than Daryl's list and the double Cannon is appealing, although here I would prefer 2 Organ Guns.  Great to see the Gyrocopter coming out as well.

Of the two lists I am not really sure which I prefer - Daryl's has the large infantry blocks I like and has a strong shooting component but is light on anti-magic defense.  Thom's is probably more balanced overall although weaker on shooting, and heavily dependent on the Slayers and Miners working effectively.

Particularly revealing to note that neither player takes Engineers with their War Machines.

Either way they make an interesting comparison to the 2400pt list I took to my last WHFB tournament and which is pretty much my standard army now.

My 2400pt Tournament List

w. MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking, RO Resistance, RO Stone, RO Furnace, Shield

w. RO Fire, MR Gromil, RO Resistance, RO Preservation, RO Furnace

Warrior Rangers x30 
w. Full Command, GW

Warriors x30 
w. Full Command, GW

Quarrellers x16 
w. Shields, Musician

Hammerers x30 
w. Full Command, RO Battle

Miners x20 
w. Full Command

Stone Thrower 
w. Engineer, Brace of Pistols, RO Accuracy, RO Penetratingx2

w. Engineer, Brace of Pistols, RO Forging, RO Burning

Organ Gun

TOTAL 2,400 

The rest of the army lists can be found here 

As for me and my WHFB playing its on hold for the Xmas period and the entry of child No3 sometime in the next week or two (or maybe today?!?!).  But Ill be back into it asap probably around March, along with a lot of FOW where I will be getting heavily involved in Mid War stuff.  Aiming for 3-4 tournaments in 2012 including the local FOW event in July.  As the local club starts after my two eldest kids bed times making club nights should also be goer as well so expect more battle reports in 2012 as well.