December 20, 2011

Dwarves at New Zealand Fantasy Masters

The army lists for this years WHFB New Zealand Masters tournament are slowly appearing on the net, and the Dwarf lists reveal some interesting thinking on the part of the respective players.  I don't know what the Comp rules are for the event but the lists are 2400pts and I assume that standard hard caps and no double rares apply.  The two Dwarf players competing and their lists are:

Daryl Painter 
Ranked 11th & Best NZ Dwarf General

Dwarf Lord 
w. Shield Bearers,Great Weapon,Ro Stone,MRo Spite, Ro Furnace, Ro Preservation.

Battle Std Bearer 
w. MRo Gromil,Ro Might, Ro Fire, Ro Furnace.

w. Great Weapon, Mro Balance, Ro Spellbreaking.

20x Quarrellers 
w. Standard, Musician, Champion, Great Weapons.

20x Quarrellers 
w. Standard, Musician, Champion, Great Weapons

10 x Ranger 
w. Great Weapons, Throwing Axes.

30 x Hammerers 
w. Standard, Musician, Champion, Mro Grungi

30 x Slayers 
w. Std Bearer

w. Ro Forging

Grudge Thrower 
w. Ro Accuracy, Ro Penetrating, Ro Burning

Organ Gun 

Total - 2387

Interesting list that gives Daryl four reasonably strong blocks of infantry.  Taking of two blocks of Quarrellers is something I have considered.  The extra shooting is beneficial but the reduction of the AS in combat to 6+ vs. 5+ reduces your chances of making that save by 16.6%, but I assuming here that he is relying on their T4 to save them from having to make an AS in the first place.  Deployment would I assume be in 2 ranks of 10 giving him 40 shots every round (Crossbows can't volley fire).  The Rangers appear to be a throw away unit to road block opponents and to give his Quarrellers and Grudge Thrower time to do damage.  Personally I would put RO Burning on the Cannon to take out big nasties like the HPA.  Lord is pretty well protected and I'd assume that he would go with the Hammerers, but then again putting him with the Slayers might be interesting (as I don't take Slayers I can't remember if he can do this or not).  BSB not protected enough for my liking but RO Might makes him S8 against anything T5 or higher which is good.  Big nasty block of unbreakable slayers deployed in horde will also cause people problems.

Thom Van Roekel
Ranked 6th

w. Shield, Rune of Stone, Rune of Preservation, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spell Breaking x2

Battle Standard Bearer 
w. Master Rune of Gromril, Rune of Preservation, Master Rune of Challenge, Rune of Fire.

Master Engineer

Dragon Slayer  
w. Rune of Fire, Rune of Speed.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer

20 x Warriors  
w. Great Weapons, Veteran, Standard Bearer, Musician

10 x Quarrellers

28 x Longbeards 
w. Great Weapon, Veteran, Standard Bearer, Musician, Master Rune of Grungni.

29 x Hammerers
w. Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician.

5x Miners

5x Miners

w. Engineer, Rune of Burning

w. Engineer, Rune of Reloading

Organ Gun


Total - 2400pts

Not sure about this list. Its more suited to the play style of my Club mate Adam who likes to bulk up on Heroes.  Yes those Dragon Slayers are good for redirecting units and getting in peoples way but they and the Master Engineer represent 230pts that could have been spent elsewhere.  However, if they survive the Slayers and the Miners could prove annoyingly difficult for people.  It offers much better anti-magic than Daryl's list and the double Cannon is appealing, although here I would prefer 2 Organ Guns.  Great to see the Gyrocopter coming out as well.

Of the two lists I am not really sure which I prefer - Daryl's has the large infantry blocks I like and has a strong shooting component but is light on anti-magic defense.  Thom's is probably more balanced overall although weaker on shooting, and heavily dependent on the Slayers and Miners working effectively.

Particularly revealing to note that neither player takes Engineers with their War Machines.

Either way they make an interesting comparison to the 2400pt list I took to my last WHFB tournament and which is pretty much my standard army now.

My 2400pt Tournament List

w. MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking, RO Resistance, RO Stone, RO Furnace, Shield

w. RO Fire, MR Gromil, RO Resistance, RO Preservation, RO Furnace

Warrior Rangers x30 
w. Full Command, GW

Warriors x30 
w. Full Command, GW

Quarrellers x16 
w. Shields, Musician

Hammerers x30 
w. Full Command, RO Battle

Miners x20 
w. Full Command

Stone Thrower 
w. Engineer, Brace of Pistols, RO Accuracy, RO Penetratingx2

w. Engineer, Brace of Pistols, RO Forging, RO Burning

Organ Gun

TOTAL 2,400 

The rest of the army lists can be found here 

As for me and my WHFB playing its on hold for the Xmas period and the entry of child No3 sometime in the next week or two (or maybe today?!?!).  But Ill be back into it asap probably around March, along with a lot of FOW where I will be getting heavily involved in Mid War stuff.  Aiming for 3-4 tournaments in 2012 including the local FOW event in July.  As the local club starts after my two eldest kids bed times making club nights should also be goer as well so expect more battle reports in 2012 as well.


Erik said...

Good to se a post by you!

Congratulation on beforehand for the birth of your 3 child.

I am looking forward for the future Battle reports in 2012

John M said...

Thanks Erik it has been too long, but unfortunately work has been taking up all of my time not only during the day but also at night when I would normally paint etc