December 31, 2011

WIP - High Elf Dragon Princes & T/Chariot

Managing to get more painting in this week.  Working on completing the first of two units of the new Plastic High Elf Dragon Princes, great looking kit and fantastic change from the awful metal models (esp. the horses).  Only completed the purple armour so far rest still FAR from done. 

One other change is a new process for adding snow.  Following some advice from the Stanton brothers at Panzershrek I decided to give RapidFilla a go.  Luckily I've been doing some repair work on the house and had some in the shed.  It drys quickly, applies far easier and more importantly will stay white.  It is also means an end to having to mix PVA/Water/Flock into the right consistency, having to ensure you apply it over a white surface (as it takes on the properties of the colours below it) and watching it slowly turn yellow over time (usually after a year or so).  Going to have to redo most of my High Elves with the Filla esp. the movement trays.

Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and your Whanau!!!

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