January 31, 2012

Latest arrivals & High Elf Army List @ 2400pts

More parcels in the post this time some helpful additions to my High Elves with 10 more White Lions and 5 more Phoenix Guard.  These will allow me to flesh out my units of both type (with unit fillers) to 28-30 models something that I see as necessary under 8th Edition.  Alternatively I could run two smaller units of 12-15 of each type or 1 small unit of each.  Going to be a month or so before I can start painting them though as I have to order some Iron Halo bases first and finish off my Chariots.

Either way I am going to have to get them finished before March 3rd if I am to take my High Elves, rather than my Dwarfs, down to Runefang V the first Wellington WHFB tournament of the year.  At their last outing the list was restricted to 2000pts but increasing it to 2400 gives me some extra options, and I plan on trying something a little different.  My current thinking is for the following:

High Elves @ 2400pts

Archmage Level 4 - 315pts (w. Phoenix Guard)
w. Silver Wand, Talisman of Preservation

Mage Level 2 - 135pts (w. Spears)
w. Dispel Scroll, Amulet of Light

Noble - 168pts (w. Spears)
w. Battle Standard, Great Weapon, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix

40 x Spears - 395pts
w. Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

14 x Archers - 159pts
w. Musician

12 x Archers - 137pts
w. Musician

14 x Phoenix Guard - 240pts
w. Full Command

28 x White Lions - 470pts
w. Full Command, Ironcurse Icon, Standard of Discipline

5 x Dragon Princes - 160pts
w. Musician

Tiranoc Chariot - 85pts

Tiranoc Chariot - 85pts

Great Eagle - 50pts

TOTAL 2,399 pts

This list is derived from a 2000pt list I used at Runefang IV last year.  The list makes some significant changes to that which are:
  • Inclusion of Lvl 2 Mage with that all important Dispel Scroll.
  • 2nd Archer unit and loss of Archers Light Armour.
  • P/Guard reduced from 24 to 14 and removal of Banner of Sorcery.
  • W/Lions increase from 21 to 28 to become a stronger melee unit.
  • Spears increase from 30 to 40 and get Banner of Eternal Flame rather than War Banner.
  • Inclusion of the 2 Chariots.
All up the extra 400pts gives me slightly more magic, more movement and tactical flexibility and greater melee power.  Ill try and organise some games at the Club when it reopens next month to test this out.

Some Great Online Reading
Been finding some real gems online among the gaming blog community this week as well.  The following posts in particular caught my eye:

Basing Tutorial @ Noestes Painting and Modelling
A simple to follow and well illustrated tutorial on effective basing from a painter whose work I have admired for sometime now.

Making a display board @ The Magnificent Bastards
For starters this guy has one of the best, if not THE best, Dwarf army I have seen.  Wonderfully themed and painted with some outstanding conversion work.  This tutorial on the making of a display board for his army comes just as I begin my own planning for the same thing.  If you want to see his outstanding Dwarf army then click here

January 30, 2012

WIP - Jagdpanthers

Recieved these guys in the mail last week and did some quick assembly work this morning while the kids had breakfast.  I really wish Battlefront would put some instructions in with their models though as like with all their kits there were a plethora of extra bits whose use and location on each model I couldnt figure out.  The pictures on the box dont seem to help either.  They'll will form part of my LW Fallshirmjager force from the Hells Highway book, and also flesh out my Panzer Company.

I've also rediscovered the joys of PC Strategy gaming having found a copy of Talonsofts 1997/8 game Eastern Front round at my Dads place last week.  Forgotten how enjoyable it was and have been trawling online for modern games of a similar nature.

 The Talonsoft range of games was always really good particular the Napoleonic and US Civil War stuff.  Of the other PC Strategy games I've enjoyed over the years I would say that Sid Meir's Gettysburg and Shogun Total War have been the best, oh and Civ 2 of course.  The latter Total War Games Rome and Medieval I found to be too busy i.e. too much stuff on the screen - the original Shogun was detailed enough while also being relatively simple and I honestly preferred the regional based deployment it used.

January 24, 2012

WIP - High Elf Tiranoc Chariot

Getting close to finishing this just a few final touches to complete: highlights and edging on crewmens armour, 2nd crewmen, symbol on banner, wash for armour on horses and chariot and highlights for purple areas on chariot and horses. Otherwise its pretty much looking the way I wanted it to, two more to do after this.  Will start taking photos at each stage of the process next time to show what i do more clearly.


January 19, 2012

High Elves and Fallschirmjager Army Pics

Not sure why but I decided to lay out my entire collection of Flames of War and High Elves on the table yesterday just to see what I had. For Flames of War there isnt as much as I thought - although I do have a Jagpanther Platoon on the way having just ordered one off Battlefront and there is a lot more I want to get. For my High Elves its the number of unpainted figures that I still have left, the large number of movement trays to be completed and the number of models whose snow has yellowed and needs to be replaced that is most daunting. Still its nice to see what you have.

Army wide pictures are large and should expand out

Flames of War Collection

High Elf Collection

Flames of War Units

High Elf Units

January 16, 2012

StuG G Platoon repaint completed

Finished repainting this platoon last night and also managed a few colours on a Fieldgrau Platoon of Fallschirmjager (I had a spare one and figured Id paint it grey to use as Panzer Grenadiers).


Struggling to remember how I managed to paint without the aid of Washes - the Citadal paint range is simply outstanding makes adding detail amazingly easy.

Colour scheme is same as for PSC PzIV's using colours from Vallejo Infantry paint set.  German Medium Brown, Dark Green followed by Luftwaffe Green.  Tracks are Adeptus Battle Grey from the Citadal Foundation range with Badab Black Wash and Mud Wash liberally applied on top.

January 13, 2012

First WHFB event of the year in March

Pete Dunn at Fields of Blood has announced the first of his regular WHFB tournaments for the upcoming year Runefang V in March 3rd/4th.  I've attended the last three Runefangs and like all of Petes events they are well run, highly competitive and a lot of fun.

My 2400pt Dwarf army is all ready to go, now its just a matter of figuring out if I can actually make it - here's hoping.

Also took a leap of faith with my FLGS and asked them to order in the new Ogre Kingdoms book for me.  Will be interested to see how long it takes.

January 12, 2012

FLGS issues & starting 2012

Made a trip to my Friendly Local Gaming Store yesterday to get the new Ogre Kingdoms source book only to find that they have neither it, nor the recently updated OnG and TK books.  Also surprised that none of the store staff had any knowledge of Battlefronts announcement of FOW Version 3 coming in April.

The store itself is still dominated by card players and Warmachine which is cool - but seriously given the massive relaunch of WHFB over the last 12 months why they dont have the latest books is beyond me.  They have 6 copies of Storm of Magic though?!?

If Maelstrom Games could still ship GW products to the Southern Hemisphere I would be ordering through them, as it stands I am going to have to find another retailer in NZ somewhere (probably Vagabond in Auckland).  Tried getting my local store to order stuff in before and it took months.

Maelstrom Games will be getting an order soon though as they have recently kissed and made up with Battlefront and can start selling FOW products again. So the Mid-War book North Africa and some more Plastic Soldier Company products will be on order, along with a NW41 Rocket Launcher Platoon - although if exchange rates allow for it some BF products may actually be cheaper through their NZ operation.

Also said goodbye to my Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth collection yesterday after giving it all away to Jeremy Gray my FOW playing partner from Panzershrek 2011.  I have kept my four favourite models though - Grand Exemplar Kreoss, a Redeemer and 2 Paladin Order of the Wall models.  But gave away

  • Feora Preistess of Flame
  • Amon Ad-Raza
  • High Exemplar Kreoss
  • Avatar of Menoth
  • 2 x Revengers
  • 2 x Exempler Seneschals
  • High Exemplar Gravus
  • 2 x Reclaimers
  • 2 x Full units of Exemplar Errants
  • Vassal of Menoth
  • Vassal Mechanic
  • Eryss Mage Hunter of Ios
  • Nearly full Mk2 Menoth Faction Deck
  • GF9 Warcaster Tokens (from Mk1 but most still valid)
All up a reasonable collection for him to get started with and I really hope he enjoys it. Pity really I was on my way to building up a solid Exemplar themed eKreoss force.

Anyway for nostalgia purposes heres what I kept - still adds up to about 12pts so If i borrow a model I could still play a small game with them.

January 9, 2012

Big Tank Update - PzIVs and StuGs

Got in a lot of painting last week and have managed to complete my 2nd Platoon of Plastic Soldier Company PzIVH's - except for some minor detailing and the crewmen.  Also repainted (without stripping) one of my StuGs in the same paint scheme to see how it would look.

Three batches of photos - first is the half way point for the PzIV's.  At this stage each model has been spray coated with GW Chaos Black as an undercoat, then spray coated with Tamiya Panzer Yellow and then covered liberally with GW Ogre Flesh Wash.  I used this wash rather than Sepia only because I had no of the latter left.  However, the result was far better than I expected.

Briefly considered leaving the tanks like this without any camo but stuck with my scheme from the 1st Platoon.  Will adopt a similar method though with the PzIII's I am going to get to build up a Mid-War Afrika Korp/Fallschirmjager force.

Next lot of photos show the tanks with camo added.  Green is Vallejo German Dark Green followed by Luftwaffe Green and Brown is Standard German Medium Brown - the basic colours found in the German infantry paint set.  Tracks still need some drybrushing and Ill stick some foliage and additional tracks and baggage on each tank - command tanks will also get aerials.

The two completed PSC box sets - two Platoons of 4 x PzIVH's and a CHQ.

Finally its the repainted StuG G (on the left) vs. the original version which was my first ever attempt at painting a tank.  Foliage is from the Silflor range and I have more on order which Ill re-add to each vehicle.  The colour scheme is the same as for the PzIVs/

January 5, 2012

Dragon Prince panic , Vampires & other stuff

Sat down to do some painting last night and realised that I cannot find the sprues the shields for my plastic HE Dragon Princes are on.  After searching everywhere i have a very horrible feeling that I might have accidentally thrown them out meaning I have 10 models I cannot finish.  Going to have to source some parts off GW which will be costly. 

In the end I decided to assemble my 2nd box of PSC Panzer IV's making up another 5 of the PzIVH version, that gives me 10 in total.  Over the next couple of months I also be ordering 2 boxes of the Sdkfz Half-tracks, 1 of the PzIII's and 1 of the Panthers. 

Purchased the VC edition of White Dwarf yesterday too and have to say it was the most enjoyable read I've had in WD for a while.  I liked the Border Princes story and the return of the Von Carsteins, very interested in the hint at a renewal of tensions between High Elves and Dwarfs, hopefully they will continue the theme in the next Dwarf book.  The new VC models are fanastic and I really like the look of the new army, but wont be rushing back into them.  For my Dwarfs it will me a continued emphasis on CR and Flaming weapons but no major changes.  Going to be fun taking out a few Mortis Engines with a Flaming or Flame Cannon and watching the VC player crumble as their pretty new model goes bye bye in one turn.

Buying the new Ogre Rulebook next payday and looking at building up to an initial force of 1000pts for some small club games.

Oh, and my new daughter arrived yesterday 9lbs 4oz!!!

January 1, 2012

Finding inspiration online

Not mine this time but an army from another blog which I found a few days ago.  Always enjoy viewing other peoples work, the vast majority of which puts mine to shame.  The level of ingenuity and imagination some gamers have is just amazing - constantly surprised at how innovative a lot of people can be. 

Anyway the overall theme for this guys Dwarfs is fantastic as is the paintjob.  One stand out is this converted Cannon.  Check out full post and the blog in question at:  'You Magnificent Bastards'

Trawling forums is always a good place for ideas - Ulthuan.net is a must for High Elf players as is Bugmans Brewery for Dwarfs.  There are a number of threads on both that I check regularly to see if the people in question have updated their posts, but also just to marvel at their painting skill.