January 9, 2012

Big Tank Update - PzIVs and StuGs

Got in a lot of painting last week and have managed to complete my 2nd Platoon of Plastic Soldier Company PzIVH's - except for some minor detailing and the crewmen.  Also repainted (without stripping) one of my StuGs in the same paint scheme to see how it would look.

Three batches of photos - first is the half way point for the PzIV's.  At this stage each model has been spray coated with GW Chaos Black as an undercoat, then spray coated with Tamiya Panzer Yellow and then covered liberally with GW Ogre Flesh Wash.  I used this wash rather than Sepia only because I had no of the latter left.  However, the result was far better than I expected.

Briefly considered leaving the tanks like this without any camo but stuck with my scheme from the 1st Platoon.  Will adopt a similar method though with the PzIII's I am going to get to build up a Mid-War Afrika Korp/Fallschirmjager force.

Next lot of photos show the tanks with camo added.  Green is Vallejo German Dark Green followed by Luftwaffe Green and Brown is Standard German Medium Brown - the basic colours found in the German infantry paint set.  Tracks still need some drybrushing and Ill stick some foliage and additional tracks and baggage on each tank - command tanks will also get aerials.

The two completed PSC box sets - two Platoons of 4 x PzIVH's and a CHQ.

Finally its the repainted StuG G (on the left) vs. the original version which was my first ever attempt at painting a tank.  Foliage is from the Silflor range and I have more on order which Ill re-add to each vehicle.  The colour scheme is the same as for the PzIVs/


Nick Grant said...

Very nicely done. I've got a box of these to make in 1/72 - thanks for the hint of the wash!


Scott said...

Nice, thanks for the mention of the Silflor name for the foliage, I'll look them up for some for my own tanks...Cheers

John M said...

Cheers glad you like them.

@Scott - I order my Siflor stuff from Irresitable Force in Australia


Postage rates are pretty good and they stock the full range. Dont forget that Maelstrom in the UK are also stoking FOW stuff again

Hein said...

Some great work. Looks nice.

Anonymous said...

These look really good. Can you answer a couple of questions? Is the camo brush painted and can you explain how you use the Luftwaffe green? Are you painting that as a thin, lighter coat over the first green?