January 5, 2012

Dragon Prince panic , Vampires & other stuff

Sat down to do some painting last night and realised that I cannot find the sprues the shields for my plastic HE Dragon Princes are on.  After searching everywhere i have a very horrible feeling that I might have accidentally thrown them out meaning I have 10 models I cannot finish.  Going to have to source some parts off GW which will be costly. 

In the end I decided to assemble my 2nd box of PSC Panzer IV's making up another 5 of the PzIVH version, that gives me 10 in total.  Over the next couple of months I also be ordering 2 boxes of the Sdkfz Half-tracks, 1 of the PzIII's and 1 of the Panthers. 

Purchased the VC edition of White Dwarf yesterday too and have to say it was the most enjoyable read I've had in WD for a while.  I liked the Border Princes story and the return of the Von Carsteins, very interested in the hint at a renewal of tensions between High Elves and Dwarfs, hopefully they will continue the theme in the next Dwarf book.  The new VC models are fanastic and I really like the look of the new army, but wont be rushing back into them.  For my Dwarfs it will me a continued emphasis on CR and Flaming weapons but no major changes.  Going to be fun taking out a few Mortis Engines with a Flaming or Flame Cannon and watching the VC player crumble as their pretty new model goes bye bye in one turn.

Buying the new Ogre Rulebook next payday and looking at building up to an initial force of 1000pts for some small club games.

Oh, and my new daughter arrived yesterday 9lbs 4oz!!!


Hobby Horse said...

Congrats! It's not every day you get a WD worth reading.

Colonel Shofer said...

Well done on the little stumpy !!!

I kid you not, my verifcation word is


hehehe :)

lap1964 said...

Congrats on your new daugther.Atleast you will able to do some painting at night while you're up.