January 1, 2012

Finding inspiration online

Not mine this time but an army from another blog which I found a few days ago.  Always enjoy viewing other peoples work, the vast majority of which puts mine to shame.  The level of ingenuity and imagination some gamers have is just amazing - constantly surprised at how innovative a lot of people can be. 

Anyway the overall theme for this guys Dwarfs is fantastic as is the paintjob.  One stand out is this converted Cannon.  Check out full post and the blog in question at:  'You Magnificent Bastards'

Trawling forums is always a good place for ideas - Ulthuan.net is a must for High Elf players as is Bugmans Brewery for Dwarfs.  There are a number of threads on both that I check regularly to see if the people in question have updated their posts, but also just to marvel at their painting skill.

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