January 16, 2012

StuG G Platoon repaint completed

Finished repainting this platoon last night and also managed a few colours on a Fieldgrau Platoon of Fallschirmjager (I had a spare one and figured Id paint it grey to use as Panzer Grenadiers).


Struggling to remember how I managed to paint without the aid of Washes - the Citadal paint range is simply outstanding makes adding detail amazingly easy.

Colour scheme is same as for PSC PzIV's using colours from Vallejo Infantry paint set.  German Medium Brown, Dark Green followed by Luftwaffe Green.  Tracks are Adeptus Battle Grey from the Citadal Foundation range with Badab Black Wash and Mud Wash liberally applied on top.


indierockclimber said...

these look just awesome!

Nick Grant said...

Great work, they look fab!


Hein said...

They look real nice. Great colors

Scott said...

Nice work mate!