February 29, 2012

1st WHFB Tournament of 2012 this weekend

Heading down to Wellington for my first WHFB tournament of the 2012 season Runefang V this weekend, and its going to be a great event.  Taking the same Dwarf army I used at Karak Eight Peaks last year.

My Dwarf Tournament Army
Will expand out to show unit details

26 Players half of whom are regular attendees at the NZ Masters, and one from the UK Masters.  Very interesting or rather strange range of armies with Skaven and Dwarfs dominating.  The armies involved are:
  • Skaven - 5
  • Dwarfs - 4
  • Warriors of Chaos - 3
  • Lizards - 3
  • Vampires -2
  • Bretonnia - 2
  • Empire - 2
  • High Elves - 2
  • Daemons - 1
  • Orcs n Goblins - 1
  • Dark Elves - 1
  • Beastmen - 1
Given that my last tournament was an all Dwarf/OnG/Skaven affair this is going to be pretty different.

For those interested in what New Zealand tournament armies look like the Runefang V lists can be downloaded here

Judging from those lists, and in hindsight, I screwed up in not swapping my Runelords RO Spellbreaking for a Spelleater Rune.  Would have been much more useful.  My first match up is against Stuart Robinson and his Warriors of Chaos list.  I'll be running all of the lists through Armybuilder tomorrow and printing them out so I know exactly what I am up against.

February 28, 2012

What to do with left over sprues?

Completed assembly of my Ogre Kingdoms Battalion and was amazed at the large amount of material left over.  If I had the body's and foot plates there would easily be enough spare parts to make another 6-10 Ogres from the left over parts.  Its great that GW put so many options into each kit, but honestly how much money do they spend producing plastic parts that are never used and what would prices be if they didnt?

Left over OK pieces from the Battalion Box Set

On the topic of my Ogres I now have two Characters with the arrival of a Metal Tyrant in the mail the other day.  Its a Trade Me purchase so will need paint stripping but is a good one, and I also recieved my Ironblaster which looks extremely complicated as far as assembly goes.

Also arrived are  some AA units for my FOW collection, a Flak 38 Platoon for my Fallschirmjager and 2 x 2cm Flak Halftracks also for my Fallschirmjager but more for my Panzer/PzGrenadier units. 

Given that I have lost all interest in finishing the painting on my last two High Elf Chariots the AA guns are next on the painting table.

February 25, 2012

Finecast Ogre Butcher what needed repairing

Another quick update on my 1st Finecast experience.  In putting the model together I had to do the following work.

Bits that need to be filed
  • Joints linking each arm with the body particularly where the bits on the arm meant to fit into the holes on the body were over sized.
  • Base of models head around the neck line.
  • Tops of each arm where the mould lines had created a ridge about 1mm high along each arm.
  • Edges of various skulls and chains where details had been lost.
  • Edges of the weapon on the right arm where mould lines were raised.
  • Top of leg piece and bottom of torso where these were glued together.
Areas needing Green stuffing
  • In between torso and legs around the waist of the model where the moulded pieces dont quite fit together.  
  • In between the joints that joined the arms to the main body.
  • Around the base of the neck at the back
The amount of green stuffing was matched by the work I had to do on the many of the Plastic Ogres from the Battalion Box.  The Leadbelchers in particular did not fit together well particularly where the shoulder joints did not fit once the weapons were properly glued together.  This resulted in large gaps around the tops of the arm next to the shoulder joint.  The same applied for many of the Bulls/Ironguts and also the neck joints on many of the models.

On my Dwarfs and High Elves this kind of work was never really needed as the models were so small that such problems could be easily hidden, and honestly with my High Elves there are mould lines everywhere (just dont tell anyone or look too closely).

But with Ogres the bigger models mean even small problems around joints are magnified.  So scale wise the amount of work required wasnt that great.

Will get some pictures up of the work that I had to do during the week so I get my camera sorted.

February 24, 2012

Stumpy retraction!!! Finecast is fine

Apologies for the rant yesterday.  Getting my first Finecast model was a bit of a shock as I wasn't expecting it and had various horror stories running around in my head and it was just so different.

I finished assembling the model today and despite some difficulties getting the superglue to bond properly its turned out really well.  Its just that the substance is such a large variation on the typical plastic, metal and BF resin stuff that I am used to.  Its not plastic, its not metal and its not completely hard but in between.

The moulding wasnt as crisp as it would be with plastic or at least the lines/outlines of the model didnt seem to stand out as much.  But i did some more filing and green stuffing and its turned out OK and I think it will be one of those models whose details only appear once its undercoated. 

So we'll see how things go as I still need a Firebelly and have to order one from somewhere :)

1 week till my first WHFB tournament of the year up against a field full of Masters players including one from the UK, I get the feeling that I am going to get monstered.

February 23, 2012

World of Tanks & its lessons for FOW players

I've been playing this game for three weeks now and its become seriously addictive, far too much fun and far too easy to play. Like a FPS but with tanks.  The range of maps and vehicles is great as is the system for upgrading tanks and choosing the path you want to follow.  If you want to stick with a small light tank then you can and you'll only ever play against similar vehicles (although not always) so there is no OTT matchups.

If your a FOW player then this game is actually a must as it really does provide so fantastic game play lessons.  Notable first hand lessons you'll pick up or get reinforced are:
  • Importance of terrain in blocking LOS and giving cover.
  • Defensive nature of SPG and TD.
  • Use of speed to flank heavier Tanks to get shots at side/rear armour.
  • Danger of artillery to Tanks.
  • Just how hard to kill Soviet heavy tanks are - I mean seriously it can take upto 10 shots from a Pak 40 style gun to kill a freaking KV sometimes.
I only have 3 problems with the game to date:
  • It includes experimental and what-if Tanks i.e. those not in production during the war or that the developers think could have been.  Consequently you run up against French Heavy Tanks like the AMX40 for instance?!?  Personally I think that if it wasnt in production and in active service during the war then it shouldnt be in the game - but thats just me.
  • Match ups mix up the countries i.e. you have mixed teams of Allies/Axis playing Allies/Axis.  Again its a personal quirk but I'd prefer it if servers put all the German tanks on one team and the allied tanks on the other.
  • Damn KV's killing me with one shot.

So far I'm sticking exclusively to German vehicles and am currently running:

 Pz38t with a 4.7cm Pak 38(t) L43.  A light fast tank which being fully upgraded has a quick reload time and fast turret traverse.  In games where your up against similar tier vehicles or maybe 1 tier higher it does very well.  However, those games where I end playing against Tier 5+ vehicles or up-gunned Tier 4's then it gets blown away quite easily. 

Marder II with a 7.6cm Pak 36(r) by far my favourite vehicle and the one I play the most.  Just a hell of a lot of fun to use even though its low armour means it gets killed easily by the heavy tanks and particularly artillery.  But it suits my play style which is very much find a good defensive spot and wait for the opposition to get impatient. 
The PzIV which I managed to upgrade to this week.  Still learning how to use it properly as I started off treating it like a light tank and charging full steam ahead with it.  Nice to have the same calibre gun as the Marder but with the ability to fire 360 degrees.

Finally, theres the Hetzer in my case armed with a giant 105mm gun.  It fires incredibly slowly but can 1-shot kill most vehicles if you hit them properly.  Fun to play particularly as its more heavily armoured than the Marder and I sometimes drop the gun back to the faster firing 7.6cm but otherwise I just like having the big boom stick.

Long term I'm looking forward to upgrading to a Jagdpanther and the Panther Tank at some stage.

February 21, 2012

Laser Cut Movement Trays

These little beauties arrived in the mail yesterday and they are as good as I had hoped, not quite as well made as the New Zealand version I trialed a while ago (edges arent rounded and base isnt as thick) but still really good.

Had forgotten how many I had ordered though, for the record the sizes above from left to right are:
  • 7x2 20mm (3)
  • 5x1 Cavalry (3)
  • 4x7 20mm (2)
  • 5x7 20mm (2)
  • 5x10 20mm (1)
The New Zealand company owner finally got back to me the other week, but has dropped off the radar again.  If he gets back to me this week Ill order movement trays for my Ogres off him.   The links for each company are:
Planning to spray paint these Dark Grey to match the Dark Grey on my Elves bases rather than White. 

February 18, 2012

FOW v3, Dwarfs go tournamenting and Ogres a go-go

Really been enjoying the v3 FOW mini rulebook fantastic looking set of rules with some good changes.  First game next week against Andres Fin's.  However, it looks like im one of the 20% whose soft-bound books is a failure as pgs. 69-120 have now fallen out.  Going to get the thing spiral bound, should be able to do it myself at the office.

Submitted my Dwarf army list for Runefang V on 3rd/4th March yesterday.  Decided to go with what I took to the Karak Eight Peaks Campaign tournament last year and not bother fiddling with anything.  In relation to last Thursdays list this means the Gyrocopter goes bye bye and is replaced by an Organ Gun.  If I could I would take two of them but comp rules prevent me.

My Ogre Kingdoms Battalion should be in my office mailbox on Monday.  Have already worked out a basing and colour scheme for them.  Going with a summery looking base with lots of Silflor flowers, Ogres clothing and Tribe Tattoos will be Blue/White.

Based on what I get in the Battalion Box, if I purchase a Butcher and a Bruiser I can field a 1000pts pretty easily.  Add in some Mournfang Cavalry and some item fit out adjustments and I can move it up to 1500pt.

February 17, 2012

Battle Report - Dwarfs vs. Night Goblins @ 2400pts

Alternatively this post could be titled "Snatching a draw from the jaws of defeat" or "Holy Crap how many Fanatics do you have?"

This was a doozy of a battle against a freaking horrible Night Goblin list, horrible in that it contained the one Goblin unit I really can't stand Fanatics a lot of them.  We played a straight up pitched battle without mysterious terrain as Geoff is new to 8th and a pretty rusty WHFB wise.  Up against my Gyrocopter version of my standard Dwarf Tournament list was the following:

Night Goblins @ 2400pts
Shaman L4 w. power scroll
Shaman L2 
BSB w. Standard of Discipline
NG Big Boss w. Axe of Stunty Smashing
NG Big Boss w. GW
59 x Night Goblins w. FC & Nets
58 x Night Goblins w. FC & Nets 
58 x Night Goblins w. FC & Nets
18 x Night Goblin Archers
18 x Night Goblin Archers
10 x Fanatics (2 in each of the NG units)
5 x Spider Riders
5 x Spider Riders
6 x River Trolls
Mangler Squig
Mangler Squig

Didn't start that flash with Skarsnik sending 3 units, my Rangers, Cannon and Gyrocopter off the board as reinforcements.  This denied me the chance to plonk the Rangers down somewhere nasty and the ability to shoot the Cannon in Turn 1.

Deployment wise though I stuffed up, or at least did in the next few turns.  The principle reason is my absolute phobia about bloody fanatics.  Horrible things that they are.

Turns 1-2
Basically I moved my reinforcements on and pushed everyone forward slightly, Miners waiting to tunnel up in Turn 2.  The Gyro couldnt move far enough across the board to march block anyone which wasn't helpful.  Shooting wise the Grudge Thrower missed and the Quarrellers killed 2 Archers.
Geoffs Goblins rushed forward although in deployment in made a slight mistake putting one Mangler behind a block of Goblins.  But he simply ran it straight through the unit, with 60 models in it, it wasnt going to miss any. In the first two turns Geoff did more damage to his army then I did, notably when an IF Curse of the Bad Moon blew up several Night Goblins but not before it took out a 1/3 of my Hammerers.
The Quarrellers continued with their inability to hit anything and my only real moves were the Miners coming on behind the Night Goblins causing 2 Fanatics to pop out run through them off the board, and cause the Miners to flee in panic also off the board.  Hooray for them.  The Gyro also popped out 2 more Fanatics from the Archers in the middle, both of which missed.  He then angled toward the right hand NG unit popping out two more Fanatics, which also missed, and taking out about 10 with his Steam Cannon.   
Best result though was the Grudgethrower landing on top of one Mangler Squig squashing it flat AH HA HA.

Turns 3-4
OK - things go pear shaped here really quick.  The Vortex has gone and I've killed off a unit of Spider Riders that charged my Hammerers in the flank.  But more Fanatics have popped out but luckily none of them hit any of my units.  The Gyro though goes down in flames when the remaining Mangler runs right through it.  Meanwhile with all 8/10 Fanatics released the Warriors charge the middle unit of Archers staying carefully out of 8" range of Skarsniks unit.  They chop through them and charge into the NG unit behind - this seemed like a good idea at the time.
In came the River Trolls with the Mangler Squig also in the wings and 2 Fanatics whirling around meaning my poor Warriors were surrounded.  They killed off the NG BSB which was cool but then got wiped out and run down by the Trolls and NG unit.  Meanwhile the other Archer unit has been eating through my Rangers who have also had 2 Fanatics run through them - luckily Geoffs Fanatics keep getting bad dice rolls.
The Hammerers are also getting chopped down as Skarsniks unit moves into range and releases the last 2 Fanatics, these run through them and reduce them still further only 15/30 left.  The Mangler is now moving ominously toward their flank as are 1/2 dozen Fanatics and 2 big blocks of Goblins.
At this point I make the best decision of the game, reforming the remaining Hammerers 5 wide and realigning them so they are closer to my Rangers and slightly away from the Fanatics. These continued to be more of a hinderance to Geoff as they keep getting in his way.  But he does manage to charge the Hammerers and challenges with Skarsnik.  I accept with my BSB who shrugs of his attacks does 3 wounds in return, the Hammerers also joining in killing 6 Goblins and Skarsniks unit is suddenly running away.  Things are still a bit dicey but I get lucky and land the Grudgethrower on top of the River Trolls killing 2 and doing 2 wounds on a 3rd.
In Geoff's Turn 4 he can still get things his way as his Mangler Squig is perfectly lined up to run through both of my surviving infantry blocks, and at least 4 Fanatics are still whirling around near them.  But he rolls a ton of bad dice causing the Fanatics and the Mangler to blow up.  His only victories y come with the Spider Riders overruning the Cannon, and that damn IF Curse of the Bad Moon landing the big template square on top of the Hammerers who luckily get a Toughness Test and only lose 3 models.
Turns 5 - 6
The Hammerers charge the River Trolls kill 2 and chase the remaining 2 away.  But they fail to overun into the flank of the other Night Goblin unit as I had hoped.  My Rangers also can't get close to the other non-fleeing Night Goblins and that damn vortex keeps following me around.  Geoffs Fanatics keep killing themselves rather than me and his Night Goblins cant get into combat, especially not with Fanatics and Bad Moon vortexs in the way.
Game ends with our armies eveningly balanced numbers wise, but with a strong lean towards Geoff in terms of points.  Call it a close run draw.   
I really hate Fanatics!!!!

February 16, 2012

LW Fallschirmjager @ 1750pts & World of Tanks

Playing my first game of v3 FOW next week against Andres Finn's have absolutely no idea what he is going to bring but it gives me a chance to put my Jagdpanthers on the table.  Did consider going with a Panzer Company list, but Ill stick with Fallschirmjager until I get used to the new rules.  Decided to go with something like this

Fortress Europe
CHQ - PF/SMG + 2 GW42
FJ Platoon - 3 Squads + PF
FJ Platoon - 3 Squads + PF
FJ Mortars - 2 sections
FJ Heavy Mortars - 2 sections 12cm
FJ AT Platoon - 2 x Pak40
FJ HMG Platoon - 2 sections
Tank Hunter Platoon - 2 x Jagdpanther

Combat attach CHQ Mortars to Mortar Platoon then Kampfgruppe it into two separate Platoons giving me 8 in total.  Either field HMG as single 4 base platoon or attach 1 HMG team to each of the FJ Platoons.

Had considered dropping the Mortar Platoon but given that Finns can be infantry armies there is a chance I could be on Assault and will need the Smoke in order to advance across the field.  That and smoke is good anyway.

Given that most scenarios have the reserves rule I may only have 4/8 Platoons on the board which would be both Combat Platoons, the Jagd's and one of the Mortar Platoons - depending on what I am facing of course.

The other day (in an effort to avoid working on my Phd Proposal) I discovered the procrastinating joys of World of Tanks.  Its in a word awesome, by highly addictive.

February 15, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho its Tournametting I go

Got the spousal OK and im off to my first WHFB Tournament of the year Pete Dunns Runefang V in Wellington.  22 of the usual suspects so far but also including Andy Potter from the UK straight as Pete puts it from the UK Masters. 2400pts using (most likely) the list I took to Call to Arms 2011.  Comp restrictions for the tournament are:

General Army Restrictions
  • No special or named characters.
  • Max PD usage of 12 per magic phase not per pool.
  • No more than 4 potential template weapons excluding magic items/spells, Cannons count as template weapons
  • No more than 4 warmachines
  • No more than 2 of any special choice
  • No double rares worth more than 70pts
  • Only one auto dispel item. 
Specific Army Restrictions
  • No duplication of Daemonic Gifts
  • Steam Tank classed as warmachine with 2 templates.
  • Slann may have max of 2 Focus of Mystery, Becalming Cogitation, Cupped Hands or Focused Rumination
  • Max of 3 Skaven Engineers
  • Max 3 Mangler Squids and/or Pump Wagons
  • Ogres cannot take Hellheart and Scoll in same list
  • High Elf RBTs count as 2 for 1
Tournament to be played over 5 rounds using the following scenarios:
  1. Dawn attack
  2. Meeting engagement
  3. Watch Tower
  4. Blood and Glory
  5. Pitched Battle

Dwarf Army List @ 2400pts

Up against a new club member tomorrow night 2400pts of my Dwarfs vs. his Night Goblins.  Have absolutely no idea what he is bringing but either way it wont change my list which, with the exception of a Gyrocopter subbing in for the Organ Gun will be:

Runelord - 253pts
w. RO Resistance, RO Stone, MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking RO Furnace, Shield

2+ rerollable AS, 6+ parry save, 2+ WS vs. flaming attacks, Auto dispel one spell, Takes 1 PD adds to DD pool result is only 3 dice throws 55, 65, 66 result in opponent having more dice than me (+2 for Runelord, +1 for MR)

Thane - 165pts
w. BSB, RO Fire, MR Gromil, RO Preservation, RO Resistance, RO Furnace

1+ rerollable AS, Immune to HKB, KB & Poison, 2+ WS vs. flaming attacks, S4 Flaming Weapon

30 x Warrior Rangers - 355pts
w. Full Command, GW

Typically deployed as nasty blocker 12" out from enemy line, hoping I get too go 2nd and declare a charge. Otherwise they just get in peoples way or are charged themselves and do serious damage.

30 x Warriors - 325pts
w. Full Command, GW

16 x Quarrellers - 197pts
w. Musician, Shields

30 x Hammerers - 415pts
w. Full Command, RO Battle 

Stubborn on L9, +1 CR for RO Battle

20 x Miners - 245pts
w. Full Command

Depending on enemy deployment either deployment as normal infantry usually on flank, or go underground.

Grudge Thrower - 155pts
w. Engineer, Pistols, RO Accuracy, RO Burning, RO Penetrating

Dropped 1 RO Penetrating (to include Gyro) reducing it from S5 to S4, but added RO Burning for flaming attacks.  RO Accuracy allows scatter dice to be rerolled. 

Cannon - 150pts
w. Engineer, Pistols, RO Burning, RO Forging
You can never have enough flaming weapons!!! RO Forging is bog standard, re-roll misfires on artillery dice.

Gyrocopter - 140pts

Total 2,400pts exactly

Laser cut movement trays

A while ago I purchased a laser cut MDF movement tray off Trade Me as a bit of an experiment to see how they looked.  The intent was to get enough of these to kit out my High Elf army to give it that extra special look.MDF movement trays seem to be a widely available item in the gaming world but an expensive one if you are looking to buy enough to kit out your entire army. 

Irresitable Force Australia Pre-Cut Wooden Movement Tray AUS$10

Among the local options are Irresitable Force Australia who stock a range of plain wood and stone edged trays all pre-cut to set sizes.  The range is pretty extensive but limited in terms of the unit sizes available with no option to get them custom sized.  The range was obviously designed with 7th Ed in mind hence the proliferation of 5 wide infantry bases for 20mm, 25mm & 40mm models.  IF also provide pre-cut magnetic inserts to fit any standard movement tray size - I have a couple of these and they work well, but honestly its cheaper, easier and just as effective to buy A4 size fridge magnets and cut those up.  The other barrier are the prices which at approximately AUS$10-15 per tray which is a substantial investment.

Irresitable Force Pre-Cut Stone Edged Tray
The NZ retailer I trialed a base off was a guy called Dopey Dog Laser Engraving producit quality was good and unlike IF he can cut movement trays to whatever size you like.  I paid (from memory) $5-6 for a 5x4 pre-cut tray with a full edge and as stated the quality was excellent. Unfortunately I am not sure if the guy is still operating as despite a couple of emails to his site over the last month asking for product quotes I haven't heard back from him and his Facebook hasnt been updated in several months.

Sarissa Precision Pre-Cut movement Tray

A Google search however did turn up an alternative and a good one at that.  Sarissa Precision in the UK offers a full, and I do mean FULL, range of pre-cut MDF movement trays at pretty much every size under the sun.  More importantly the prices are incredibly cheap - 2 pounds or NZ$3-4 for a standard 5x4 20mm tray.  They also provide free international shipping for orders over 30 pounds.  I did some more checking on their customer feedback - which was good - and placed an order last week.  That order is now winging its way to NZ and should arrive soon.  So next week expect to see some photos of a newly based up High Elf army.  Total number of trays ordered was 12 or 15 (can't remember now) and the total cost $60.  The trays aren't as good looking as the rounded edge Irresitable Force ones, but they are similar to the Dopey Dog one I trialed and fit the bill.

February 14, 2012

Oh for a Northern Winter

I never missed being in the UK so much as yesterday when I purchased an Ogre Battalion Box from a New Zealand retailer for nearly double what I could have purchased it for from Maelstrom Games.  But thanks to GW ban on Northern Hemisphere retailers shipping to the Southern Hemisphere I didn't have much of a choice (at least I can still get cheaper FOW stuff from the UK).  International Price Comparisons are not pretty reading

Ogre Kingdoms Battalion Box Global Price Comparisons 
Maelstrom Games (UK) - £46.12 or NZ$82.29 + free shipping
Wayland Games (UK) - £48 or NZ$86.27
Irresitable Force (Australia) - A$136 or NZ$168.03 + shipping 
GW New Zealand - NZ$190 + free shipping
Vagabond Games New Zealand - $161.50 + shipping
So you can see that whatever you do as a Kiwi your getting ripped off.  You can't even do the sneaky thing on order online and have the stuff sent to friends/family in the UK and then posted to you.  Why?  Because Credit Cards and PayPal accounts are linked to specific national addresses hence the retailer knows your ordering from New Zealand so won't/can't process the order.

As it was I picked one up off Trade Me from an online retailer for $140 saving $20 on other local prices.  But still I wish I had decided to start Ogres 6 months ago because it would have been so much cheaper. 

On a positive note though I finished putting all of the number decals on my Panzer IV's, Sdkfz 251's and Jagdpanthers and they look SO much better.  Just need to add them to my Armoured Cars now.

Next FOW purchase will be some AA Half-tracks then thats about it for a while as I still have a mound of High Elf painting to get done.

2400pts of Dwarfs vs. Goblins this Thursday so look out for Battle Report come Friday.

February 11, 2012

German Tank Numbering

Sat down to start putting the decals on my Panzer IV's, StuGs and Jadgpanthers tonight and realised that I had no idea how the Germans numbered their vehicles.  Trawling the FOW forums didnt help so out came the old Google search and up came the following very helpful link


There are some very helpful people out there.

February 9, 2012

WIP - Jagdpanthers & more Warhammer

Nearly completed the Jagdpanthers to go with my HH Fallschirmjager or my LW Panzer/PzGrenadier Companys.  Added the netting and foliage last night, still need to finish the tracks and the various pieces of equipment hanging off the tanks.  And Ill be lightening up the armour as well as its come out darker than I had hoped.

Netting was made out of an old bandage that I painted prior to fixing it on using Washes rather than paints.  Superglue is the best way of adhering it and the GF9 Foliage i used both items stick and harden for effectively than with other glue types.

My local gaming store also got in my copy of the latest Ogre Kingdoms sourcebook, a little present to myself with the latest pay increase and backpay bonus we recieved this week.  And it gets better with the new mini FOW Edition 3 rulebooks arriving at my gaming club tonight.  So lots of reading ahead for the weekend.

February 7, 2012

High Elves @ 1500pts

Match up this week is 1500pts vs. a new club player and his Dark Elves.  Going to take something completely different just for a bit of fun.

Prince - 292pts
w. Barded Steed, Halberd, Sigil of Asuryan, Opal Amulet, Radiant Gem of Hoeth, Dragon Armour, Shield

Noble - 178pts
w. Battle Standard, Great Weapon, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, Longbow

28 x SeaGuard - 399pts
w. Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame, Shields

10 x Dragon Princes - 400pts
w. Full Command, Ironcurse Icon, Razor Standard

Lion Chariot - 140pts

Tiranoc Chariot - 85pts

TOTAL 1,494pts

It pretty much puts all my eggs in one basket as there isnt any real magic, although the Prince does get one spell so Ill take whatever lore has a decent Signature Spell I can fall back on.  No real plan with the list other than to take a few of the new models painted or otherwise.

Painting progress rather slow this week although I have gotten my Jagdpanthers nearly finished and the first Tiranoc Chariot is all done.  Aim to get the 2nd Chariot and the Lion Chariot completed by end of next week.

Should also be getting the new Flames of War v3 mini rulebook at the Club on Thursday!!!

February 3, 2012

Battle Report - High Elves vs. W/Chaos 2400pts

First game of 2012 and first WHFB for some months last night.  Great to be back at the club and to see quite a few new faces on the first night of the year - not sure why we wait till Feb to start up again?

Some modifications to my list, and I was up against Toms Warriors of Chaos rather than the Beastmen I had expected.  The armies battling it out were:

High Elves
Archmage L4 - Book of Hoeth, Lore of Shadow
Mage L2 - Sigil of Asuryan
Noble - BSB, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, GW
35 x Spears - Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame
12 x Archers - Musician
10 x Archers - Musician
14 x Phoenix Guard - Full Command, Banner of Sorcery
28 x White Lions - Full Command, Ironcurse Icon, Banner of Discipline
Tiranoc Chariot
Tiranoc Chariot

The respective armies at Deployment - High Elves in Blue, Chaos in Red

Warriors of Chaos
General - No AS flaming weapon, Chaos Steed etc.
BSB - Mounted, 2+ AS, 4+ WS
Sorceror - L2, Chaos Magic w. extra spell
14 x Warriors of Chaos
14 x Warriors of Chaos
10 x Marauders with Javelins
10 x Marauders with Javelins
10 x Marauders with Javelins
5 x Chaos Knights
10 x Chaos Hounds
Chaos Giant

Turn 1
I got the first turn and marched straight forward with my big blocks of infantry aiming for his Maruader cavalry.  The P/Guard hung back a little just keeping the A/Mage in LOS of the rest of the army, while the Chariots swung around the flank.  Big success this turn was the shooting of the smaller Archer unit on the left which scored 3 kills on the Chaos Hounds to their front.  These failed their break test and run off the board straight through the unit of Chaos Knights behind them.  The Chaos Knights also failed their panic test and fled off the board.  Just like that a 140pt unit of Archers had killed several hundred points worth of Dogs and Chaos Knights.  Magic also took down the Giants Toughness by 1.

High Elves Turn 1
High Elves Turn 1
Chaos responded by aiming toward the Spears and angling the Giant toward my Phoenix Guard and the Archmage.  Unfortunately for Tom the Giant took a wound moving through the Mysterious Forest, and the buildings also meant he couldn't move his WoC into position to charge me.

Warriors of Chaos Turn 1
Warriors of Chaos Turn 2
Time to Charge!!! The Spears go straight for the central unit of Marauders with the accompanying Chaos BSB.  While this would leave them open for counter charges by the other Marauders and WoC on their flanks I was counting on them routing the Marauders in the 1st round.  The White Lions moved up in support opting not to charge but rather hanging back to bait the WoC or to counter charge them if the Spears failed to break through. The first Tiranoc Chariot charged in did 1 wound and was then routed achieving stuff all.  Magic wise I opted only to put Okams Mindrazor onto the Phoenix Guard to bolster them if the Giant charged in, and also attempted to weaken its Toughness once more.  In the big combat the Spears chopped through the Marauders with Tom's dice deciding the really didnt like him (a pattern that continued all night) and the routed them as planned capturing the BSB and the Marauder standard in the process.

High Elves Turn 2

High Elves Turn 2

Toms Chao responded to the loss of their BSB by charging the Marauders into the Dragon Princes with the General accompanying them leaving the other Marauder unit alone flanking the Spears.  The WoC also charged the White Lions while the 2nd unit reformed to face the 2nd Tiranoc Chariot.
Chaos Turn 2
Chaos Turn 2
Things get very bloody here.  Tom's dice continue to cause him problems and his General and the Marauders kill only a single Dragon Prince while the unit passes its break test and stays in combat.  The fleeing Tiranoc Chariot continues to run fleeing off the board, while I move the remaining Chariot around to threaten the 2nd WoC unit.  In the magic phase I get off Okams Mindrazor on the Dragon  Princes meaning they are now striking at S9 rather than S3.  The resulting rounds of combat are just brutal.  The Dragon Princes slaughter the Marauders and leave the Chaos General all alone, he fails to wound a single Dragon Princes.  While his weapon negates their AS, its flaming attacks mean the Dragon Princes Dragaon Armour gives them a 2+WS against it.  Needing insane courage the general breaks, runs and is cut down the Dragon Princes overunnig just short of the Giant.  On the other side the White Lions hack through the Warriors of Chaos and the Sorceror and successfully pursue the few survivors.

High Elves Turn 3

High Elves Turn 3

In Tom's Turn 3 he charges the Giant into the Dragon Princes forgetting that Mindrazor is still in effect.  Despite the Giant stuffing one Dragon Prince into his bag the remaining S9 attacks, including those of the horse chop it to a bloody pulp. Whats left of its corpse falls backwards leaving the Dragon Princes to realign for a charge next turn against the Marauders.

This ends up being the last turn and involves the Dragon Princes charging and overrunning the remaining Marauder unit.  This leaves only a single unit of Warriors of Chaos on the board against a High Elf army that has lost only 4 Spearment, 2 Phoenix Guard (to miscasts), a Dragon Prince, a Chariot and 2 White Lions.

Game End
All up a pretty satisfying game but one that could have gone quite differently had Toms dice been kinder to him, and if my Archmage hadnt gotten lucky and rolled a 7 the two times he miscast. This included a miscast in Turn 1 which could have resulted in her death, but luckily didnt.  His inability to block Mindrazor on the Dragon Princes, loss of the Chaos Knights in Turn 1 and D/Princes Dragon Armour saving them against his General also cost him.

Next week its 1500pts vs. Dark Elves should be fun!!!!

February 2, 2012

FOW Gliders & latest Plastic Soldier Company release pictures

Been trawling the Battlefront website and noticed that they have just released a boxed set of DFS230 Assault Gliders.  Previously if you wanted to use some of these for your Fallschirmjager then building them out of Balsa wood was your only option - BF providing a useful template and building guide.  But with the release of this box set the option of playing a decent game of EW using the Airlanding/Airborne rules has become much easier. I'll definately be getting a box of these, and trying to convince some club mates to have a go at EW FOW sometime soon.

Also available now are the latest releases from the Plastic Soldier Company Panthers and early version PzIII's.  The box set pictures show that once again each 5 tank box set allows you to make multiple versions of each tank type.  A set of each should be on my way soon from Maelstrom.

The company is also giving people the option to buy single models from their existing range of 15mm tanks and armoured vehicles to help put CHQ's together, or just for people who want to buy one model rather than a box set of five.

More importantly is the impending release of 15mm Tiger 1's!!!!!!!!! and late model PzIII's the J,L,M and N versions.  I mean how good does this get?!?  And for the British/US player the company is also gearing up product development announcing that the following models will soon be available:
  • Churchills
  • Cromwells
  • LW British & US Infantry
  • M3 & M5 Stuarts
Going to be a good year for PSC I think.