February 29, 2012

1st WHFB Tournament of 2012 this weekend

Heading down to Wellington for my first WHFB tournament of the 2012 season Runefang V this weekend, and its going to be a great event.  Taking the same Dwarf army I used at Karak Eight Peaks last year.

My Dwarf Tournament Army
Will expand out to show unit details

26 Players half of whom are regular attendees at the NZ Masters, and one from the UK Masters.  Very interesting or rather strange range of armies with Skaven and Dwarfs dominating.  The armies involved are:
  • Skaven - 5
  • Dwarfs - 4
  • Warriors of Chaos - 3
  • Lizards - 3
  • Vampires -2
  • Bretonnia - 2
  • Empire - 2
  • High Elves - 2
  • Daemons - 1
  • Orcs n Goblins - 1
  • Dark Elves - 1
  • Beastmen - 1
Given that my last tournament was an all Dwarf/OnG/Skaven affair this is going to be pretty different.

For those interested in what New Zealand tournament armies look like the Runefang V lists can be downloaded here

Judging from those lists, and in hindsight, I screwed up in not swapping my Runelords RO Spellbreaking for a Spelleater Rune.  Would have been much more useful.  My first match up is against Stuart Robinson and his Warriors of Chaos list.  I'll be running all of the lists through Armybuilder tomorrow and printing them out so I know exactly what I am up against.


Tane said...

Good luck John, I wish I was going too.

If you're playing Gutter Runners, put your artillery on the baseline, 2" apart, to stop the buggers getting in behind and poisoning them.

John M said...

Cheers Tane and Ill do that I hate Gutter Runners

Simon Switzer said...

Very cool list John. Good advise Tane, I should do that to :D.

It will be good to meet you in person tomorrow John :D. Thats if the weather lets me :(. Really jelous of all highway one users.

psychobob808 said...

Good Luck!