February 17, 2012

Battle Report - Dwarfs vs. Night Goblins @ 2400pts

Alternatively this post could be titled "Snatching a draw from the jaws of defeat" or "Holy Crap how many Fanatics do you have?"

This was a doozy of a battle against a freaking horrible Night Goblin list, horrible in that it contained the one Goblin unit I really can't stand Fanatics a lot of them.  We played a straight up pitched battle without mysterious terrain as Geoff is new to 8th and a pretty rusty WHFB wise.  Up against my Gyrocopter version of my standard Dwarf Tournament list was the following:

Night Goblins @ 2400pts
Shaman L4 w. power scroll
Shaman L2 
BSB w. Standard of Discipline
NG Big Boss w. Axe of Stunty Smashing
NG Big Boss w. GW
59 x Night Goblins w. FC & Nets
58 x Night Goblins w. FC & Nets 
58 x Night Goblins w. FC & Nets
18 x Night Goblin Archers
18 x Night Goblin Archers
10 x Fanatics (2 in each of the NG units)
5 x Spider Riders
5 x Spider Riders
6 x River Trolls
Mangler Squig
Mangler Squig

Didn't start that flash with Skarsnik sending 3 units, my Rangers, Cannon and Gyrocopter off the board as reinforcements.  This denied me the chance to plonk the Rangers down somewhere nasty and the ability to shoot the Cannon in Turn 1.

Deployment wise though I stuffed up, or at least did in the next few turns.  The principle reason is my absolute phobia about bloody fanatics.  Horrible things that they are.

Turns 1-2
Basically I moved my reinforcements on and pushed everyone forward slightly, Miners waiting to tunnel up in Turn 2.  The Gyro couldnt move far enough across the board to march block anyone which wasn't helpful.  Shooting wise the Grudge Thrower missed and the Quarrellers killed 2 Archers.
Geoffs Goblins rushed forward although in deployment in made a slight mistake putting one Mangler behind a block of Goblins.  But he simply ran it straight through the unit, with 60 models in it, it wasnt going to miss any. In the first two turns Geoff did more damage to his army then I did, notably when an IF Curse of the Bad Moon blew up several Night Goblins but not before it took out a 1/3 of my Hammerers.
The Quarrellers continued with their inability to hit anything and my only real moves were the Miners coming on behind the Night Goblins causing 2 Fanatics to pop out run through them off the board, and cause the Miners to flee in panic also off the board.  Hooray for them.  The Gyro also popped out 2 more Fanatics from the Archers in the middle, both of which missed.  He then angled toward the right hand NG unit popping out two more Fanatics, which also missed, and taking out about 10 with his Steam Cannon.   
Best result though was the Grudgethrower landing on top of one Mangler Squig squashing it flat AH HA HA.

Turns 3-4
OK - things go pear shaped here really quick.  The Vortex has gone and I've killed off a unit of Spider Riders that charged my Hammerers in the flank.  But more Fanatics have popped out but luckily none of them hit any of my units.  The Gyro though goes down in flames when the remaining Mangler runs right through it.  Meanwhile with all 8/10 Fanatics released the Warriors charge the middle unit of Archers staying carefully out of 8" range of Skarsniks unit.  They chop through them and charge into the NG unit behind - this seemed like a good idea at the time.
In came the River Trolls with the Mangler Squig also in the wings and 2 Fanatics whirling around meaning my poor Warriors were surrounded.  They killed off the NG BSB which was cool but then got wiped out and run down by the Trolls and NG unit.  Meanwhile the other Archer unit has been eating through my Rangers who have also had 2 Fanatics run through them - luckily Geoffs Fanatics keep getting bad dice rolls.
The Hammerers are also getting chopped down as Skarsniks unit moves into range and releases the last 2 Fanatics, these run through them and reduce them still further only 15/30 left.  The Mangler is now moving ominously toward their flank as are 1/2 dozen Fanatics and 2 big blocks of Goblins.
At this point I make the best decision of the game, reforming the remaining Hammerers 5 wide and realigning them so they are closer to my Rangers and slightly away from the Fanatics. These continued to be more of a hinderance to Geoff as they keep getting in his way.  But he does manage to charge the Hammerers and challenges with Skarsnik.  I accept with my BSB who shrugs of his attacks does 3 wounds in return, the Hammerers also joining in killing 6 Goblins and Skarsniks unit is suddenly running away.  Things are still a bit dicey but I get lucky and land the Grudgethrower on top of the River Trolls killing 2 and doing 2 wounds on a 3rd.
In Geoff's Turn 4 he can still get things his way as his Mangler Squig is perfectly lined up to run through both of my surviving infantry blocks, and at least 4 Fanatics are still whirling around near them.  But he rolls a ton of bad dice causing the Fanatics and the Mangler to blow up.  His only victories y come with the Spider Riders overruning the Cannon, and that damn IF Curse of the Bad Moon landing the big template square on top of the Hammerers who luckily get a Toughness Test and only lose 3 models.
Turns 5 - 6
The Hammerers charge the River Trolls kill 2 and chase the remaining 2 away.  But they fail to overun into the flank of the other Night Goblin unit as I had hoped.  My Rangers also can't get close to the other non-fleeing Night Goblins and that damn vortex keeps following me around.  Geoffs Fanatics keep killing themselves rather than me and his Night Goblins cant get into combat, especially not with Fanatics and Bad Moon vortexs in the way.
Game ends with our armies eveningly balanced numbers wise, but with a strong lean towards Geoff in terms of points.  Call it a close run draw.   
I really hate Fanatics!!!!

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