February 3, 2012

Battle Report - High Elves vs. W/Chaos 2400pts

First game of 2012 and first WHFB for some months last night.  Great to be back at the club and to see quite a few new faces on the first night of the year - not sure why we wait till Feb to start up again?

Some modifications to my list, and I was up against Toms Warriors of Chaos rather than the Beastmen I had expected.  The armies battling it out were:

High Elves
Archmage L4 - Book of Hoeth, Lore of Shadow
Mage L2 - Sigil of Asuryan
Noble - BSB, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, GW
35 x Spears - Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame
12 x Archers - Musician
10 x Archers - Musician
14 x Phoenix Guard - Full Command, Banner of Sorcery
28 x White Lions - Full Command, Ironcurse Icon, Banner of Discipline
Tiranoc Chariot
Tiranoc Chariot

The respective armies at Deployment - High Elves in Blue, Chaos in Red

Warriors of Chaos
General - No AS flaming weapon, Chaos Steed etc.
BSB - Mounted, 2+ AS, 4+ WS
Sorceror - L2, Chaos Magic w. extra spell
14 x Warriors of Chaos
14 x Warriors of Chaos
10 x Marauders with Javelins
10 x Marauders with Javelins
10 x Marauders with Javelins
5 x Chaos Knights
10 x Chaos Hounds
Chaos Giant

Turn 1
I got the first turn and marched straight forward with my big blocks of infantry aiming for his Maruader cavalry.  The P/Guard hung back a little just keeping the A/Mage in LOS of the rest of the army, while the Chariots swung around the flank.  Big success this turn was the shooting of the smaller Archer unit on the left which scored 3 kills on the Chaos Hounds to their front.  These failed their break test and run off the board straight through the unit of Chaos Knights behind them.  The Chaos Knights also failed their panic test and fled off the board.  Just like that a 140pt unit of Archers had killed several hundred points worth of Dogs and Chaos Knights.  Magic also took down the Giants Toughness by 1.

High Elves Turn 1
High Elves Turn 1
Chaos responded by aiming toward the Spears and angling the Giant toward my Phoenix Guard and the Archmage.  Unfortunately for Tom the Giant took a wound moving through the Mysterious Forest, and the buildings also meant he couldn't move his WoC into position to charge me.

Warriors of Chaos Turn 1
Warriors of Chaos Turn 2
Time to Charge!!! The Spears go straight for the central unit of Marauders with the accompanying Chaos BSB.  While this would leave them open for counter charges by the other Marauders and WoC on their flanks I was counting on them routing the Marauders in the 1st round.  The White Lions moved up in support opting not to charge but rather hanging back to bait the WoC or to counter charge them if the Spears failed to break through. The first Tiranoc Chariot charged in did 1 wound and was then routed achieving stuff all.  Magic wise I opted only to put Okams Mindrazor onto the Phoenix Guard to bolster them if the Giant charged in, and also attempted to weaken its Toughness once more.  In the big combat the Spears chopped through the Marauders with Tom's dice deciding the really didnt like him (a pattern that continued all night) and the routed them as planned capturing the BSB and the Marauder standard in the process.

High Elves Turn 2

High Elves Turn 2

Toms Chao responded to the loss of their BSB by charging the Marauders into the Dragon Princes with the General accompanying them leaving the other Marauder unit alone flanking the Spears.  The WoC also charged the White Lions while the 2nd unit reformed to face the 2nd Tiranoc Chariot.
Chaos Turn 2
Chaos Turn 2
Things get very bloody here.  Tom's dice continue to cause him problems and his General and the Marauders kill only a single Dragon Prince while the unit passes its break test and stays in combat.  The fleeing Tiranoc Chariot continues to run fleeing off the board, while I move the remaining Chariot around to threaten the 2nd WoC unit.  In the magic phase I get off Okams Mindrazor on the Dragon  Princes meaning they are now striking at S9 rather than S3.  The resulting rounds of combat are just brutal.  The Dragon Princes slaughter the Marauders and leave the Chaos General all alone, he fails to wound a single Dragon Princes.  While his weapon negates their AS, its flaming attacks mean the Dragon Princes Dragaon Armour gives them a 2+WS against it.  Needing insane courage the general breaks, runs and is cut down the Dragon Princes overunnig just short of the Giant.  On the other side the White Lions hack through the Warriors of Chaos and the Sorceror and successfully pursue the few survivors.

High Elves Turn 3

High Elves Turn 3

In Tom's Turn 3 he charges the Giant into the Dragon Princes forgetting that Mindrazor is still in effect.  Despite the Giant stuffing one Dragon Prince into his bag the remaining S9 attacks, including those of the horse chop it to a bloody pulp. Whats left of its corpse falls backwards leaving the Dragon Princes to realign for a charge next turn against the Marauders.

This ends up being the last turn and involves the Dragon Princes charging and overrunning the remaining Marauder unit.  This leaves only a single unit of Warriors of Chaos on the board against a High Elf army that has lost only 4 Spearment, 2 Phoenix Guard (to miscasts), a Dragon Prince, a Chariot and 2 White Lions.

Game End
All up a pretty satisfying game but one that could have gone quite differently had Toms dice been kinder to him, and if my Archmage hadnt gotten lucky and rolled a 7 the two times he miscast. This included a miscast in Turn 1 which could have resulted in her death, but luckily didnt.  His inability to block Mindrazor on the Dragon Princes, loss of the Chaos Knights in Turn 1 and D/Princes Dragon Armour saving them against his General also cost him.

Next week its 1500pts vs. Dark Elves should be fun!!!!


noeste said...

Thanks for the battle report!

As a Chaos-player myself, I'm a bit currious to Tom's initial plan for his Marauder Horsemen: why so large regiments, instead of smaller units to better manouvre and harass his enemy? If he wanted mobile anvil units, wouldn't he be better off with Dragon Ogres or another unit of Knights? I also think his Warriors could benefit from greater numbers pr regiment - but when the Gods of Fortune have set their will against you, there ain't much one can do, is there.

Either way, just a few thoughts.. I'll be looking forward to the next report!

John M said...

It was more a case of Tom using the models he had which was predominantly cavalry - his army is built from a 28mm Medieval Force.

It was his deployment that killed him really. His Warriors had no where to go but toward the buildings, and if he had moved his cavalry better sweeping it around my flanks to get multiple charges things might have gone differently.

That being said while an incredibly experienced war gamer he is relatively new to WHFB.

Glad you enjoyed it - except weekly reports now that Im playing again :)