February 15, 2012

Dwarf Army List @ 2400pts

Up against a new club member tomorrow night 2400pts of my Dwarfs vs. his Night Goblins.  Have absolutely no idea what he is bringing but either way it wont change my list which, with the exception of a Gyrocopter subbing in for the Organ Gun will be:

Runelord - 253pts
w. RO Resistance, RO Stone, MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking RO Furnace, Shield

2+ rerollable AS, 6+ parry save, 2+ WS vs. flaming attacks, Auto dispel one spell, Takes 1 PD adds to DD pool result is only 3 dice throws 55, 65, 66 result in opponent having more dice than me (+2 for Runelord, +1 for MR)

Thane - 165pts
w. BSB, RO Fire, MR Gromil, RO Preservation, RO Resistance, RO Furnace

1+ rerollable AS, Immune to HKB, KB & Poison, 2+ WS vs. flaming attacks, S4 Flaming Weapon

30 x Warrior Rangers - 355pts
w. Full Command, GW

Typically deployed as nasty blocker 12" out from enemy line, hoping I get too go 2nd and declare a charge. Otherwise they just get in peoples way or are charged themselves and do serious damage.

30 x Warriors - 325pts
w. Full Command, GW

16 x Quarrellers - 197pts
w. Musician, Shields

30 x Hammerers - 415pts
w. Full Command, RO Battle 

Stubborn on L9, +1 CR for RO Battle

20 x Miners - 245pts
w. Full Command

Depending on enemy deployment either deployment as normal infantry usually on flank, or go underground.

Grudge Thrower - 155pts
w. Engineer, Pistols, RO Accuracy, RO Burning, RO Penetrating

Dropped 1 RO Penetrating (to include Gyro) reducing it from S5 to S4, but added RO Burning for flaming attacks.  RO Accuracy allows scatter dice to be rerolled. 

Cannon - 150pts
w. Engineer, Pistols, RO Burning, RO Forging
You can never have enough flaming weapons!!! RO Forging is bog standard, re-roll misfires on artillery dice.

Gyrocopter - 140pts

Total 2,400pts exactly

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