February 25, 2012

Finecast Ogre Butcher what needed repairing

Another quick update on my 1st Finecast experience.  In putting the model together I had to do the following work.

Bits that need to be filed
  • Joints linking each arm with the body particularly where the bits on the arm meant to fit into the holes on the body were over sized.
  • Base of models head around the neck line.
  • Tops of each arm where the mould lines had created a ridge about 1mm high along each arm.
  • Edges of various skulls and chains where details had been lost.
  • Edges of the weapon on the right arm where mould lines were raised.
  • Top of leg piece and bottom of torso where these were glued together.
Areas needing Green stuffing
  • In between torso and legs around the waist of the model where the moulded pieces dont quite fit together.  
  • In between the joints that joined the arms to the main body.
  • Around the base of the neck at the back
The amount of green stuffing was matched by the work I had to do on the many of the Plastic Ogres from the Battalion Box.  The Leadbelchers in particular did not fit together well particularly where the shoulder joints did not fit once the weapons were properly glued together.  This resulted in large gaps around the tops of the arm next to the shoulder joint.  The same applied for many of the Bulls/Ironguts and also the neck joints on many of the models.

On my Dwarfs and High Elves this kind of work was never really needed as the models were so small that such problems could be easily hidden, and honestly with my High Elves there are mould lines everywhere (just dont tell anyone or look too closely).

But with Ogres the bigger models mean even small problems around joints are magnified.  So scale wise the amount of work required wasnt that great.

Will get some pictures up of the work that I had to do during the week so I get my camera sorted.


Black Bard said...

Uggg, I have been reading of several people that have had issues with "finecast", including myself. Now be honest, would you recomend them to someone who had never put together models before, or would you recomend a different line? I personally have bought many, much better, resin models from other companies that I would recomend over my GW ones. I do look forward to seeing some pictures though!

John M said...

I've only got the one Finecast model and I honsetly cant offer an opinion one way of the other. Compared to plastic and the metal miniatures I am used to (Privateer Press Warmachine figures those I am most familar with here) I dont prefer finecast, but will use it if its the only source of figures available to me.

However, where I can I will be attempting to source the old metal character models. Luckily I only need 1-2 more and I am all done.