February 16, 2012

LW Fallschirmjager @ 1750pts & World of Tanks

Playing my first game of v3 FOW next week against Andres Finn's have absolutely no idea what he is going to bring but it gives me a chance to put my Jagdpanthers on the table.  Did consider going with a Panzer Company list, but Ill stick with Fallschirmjager until I get used to the new rules.  Decided to go with something like this

Fortress Europe
CHQ - PF/SMG + 2 GW42
FJ Platoon - 3 Squads + PF
FJ Platoon - 3 Squads + PF
FJ Mortars - 2 sections
FJ Heavy Mortars - 2 sections 12cm
FJ AT Platoon - 2 x Pak40
FJ HMG Platoon - 2 sections
Tank Hunter Platoon - 2 x Jagdpanther

Combat attach CHQ Mortars to Mortar Platoon then Kampfgruppe it into two separate Platoons giving me 8 in total.  Either field HMG as single 4 base platoon or attach 1 HMG team to each of the FJ Platoons.

Had considered dropping the Mortar Platoon but given that Finns can be infantry armies there is a chance I could be on Assault and will need the Smoke in order to advance across the field.  That and smoke is good anyway.

Given that most scenarios have the reserves rule I may only have 4/8 Platoons on the board which would be both Combat Platoons, the Jagd's and one of the Mortar Platoons - depending on what I am facing of course.

The other day (in an effort to avoid working on my Phd Proposal) I discovered the procrastinating joys of World of Tanks.  Its in a word awesome, by highly addictive.


lap1964 said...

Looking at page 260 in the V3 MRB,you can't CA more than 1/2 of the gun teams from the HQ to any platoon ?Don't know if there's a way round it using the KGing rules?

John M said...

Id overlooked that one. I think I can KG the Platoon creating two of them and then attach 1 CHQ mortar to each one.

lap1964 said...

As long as you attach out all the gun teams from the HQ Support Platoon,you attach them to 1 plt. It just gets a little confusing when you only attach out 1/2 of them ? My bad