February 2, 2012

FOW Gliders & latest Plastic Soldier Company release pictures

Been trawling the Battlefront website and noticed that they have just released a boxed set of DFS230 Assault Gliders.  Previously if you wanted to use some of these for your Fallschirmjager then building them out of Balsa wood was your only option - BF providing a useful template and building guide.  But with the release of this box set the option of playing a decent game of EW using the Airlanding/Airborne rules has become much easier. I'll definately be getting a box of these, and trying to convince some club mates to have a go at EW FOW sometime soon.

Also available now are the latest releases from the Plastic Soldier Company Panthers and early version PzIII's.  The box set pictures show that once again each 5 tank box set allows you to make multiple versions of each tank type.  A set of each should be on my way soon from Maelstrom.

The company is also giving people the option to buy single models from their existing range of 15mm tanks and armoured vehicles to help put CHQ's together, or just for people who want to buy one model rather than a box set of five.

More importantly is the impending release of 15mm Tiger 1's!!!!!!!!! and late model PzIII's the J,L,M and N versions.  I mean how good does this get?!?  And for the British/US player the company is also gearing up product development announcing that the following models will soon be available:
  • Churchills
  • Cromwells
  • LW British & US Infantry
  • M3 & M5 Stuarts
Going to be a good year for PSC I think.


Scott said...

Im actually looking to start making some Horsa gliders from Balsa, to start our Normandy campaign... And I agree, PSC will be getting more of my hard earned... my panthers arrived at the other day too :-)

John M said...

Apparently BF may be shifting in the PSC direction to make their models a little cheaper.