February 18, 2012

FOW v3, Dwarfs go tournamenting and Ogres a go-go

Really been enjoying the v3 FOW mini rulebook fantastic looking set of rules with some good changes.  First game next week against Andres Fin's.  However, it looks like im one of the 20% whose soft-bound books is a failure as pgs. 69-120 have now fallen out.  Going to get the thing spiral bound, should be able to do it myself at the office.

Submitted my Dwarf army list for Runefang V on 3rd/4th March yesterday.  Decided to go with what I took to the Karak Eight Peaks Campaign tournament last year and not bother fiddling with anything.  In relation to last Thursdays list this means the Gyrocopter goes bye bye and is replaced by an Organ Gun.  If I could I would take two of them but comp rules prevent me.

My Ogre Kingdoms Battalion should be in my office mailbox on Monday.  Have already worked out a basing and colour scheme for them.  Going with a summery looking base with lots of Silflor flowers, Ogres clothing and Tribe Tattoos will be Blue/White.

Based on what I get in the Battalion Box, if I purchase a Butcher and a Bruiser I can field a 1000pts pretty easily.  Add in some Mournfang Cavalry and some item fit out adjustments and I can move it up to 1500pt.

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