February 15, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho its Tournametting I go

Got the spousal OK and im off to my first WHFB Tournament of the year Pete Dunns Runefang V in Wellington.  22 of the usual suspects so far but also including Andy Potter from the UK straight as Pete puts it from the UK Masters. 2400pts using (most likely) the list I took to Call to Arms 2011.  Comp restrictions for the tournament are:

General Army Restrictions
  • No special or named characters.
  • Max PD usage of 12 per magic phase not per pool.
  • No more than 4 potential template weapons excluding magic items/spells, Cannons count as template weapons
  • No more than 4 warmachines
  • No more than 2 of any special choice
  • No double rares worth more than 70pts
  • Only one auto dispel item. 
Specific Army Restrictions
  • No duplication of Daemonic Gifts
  • Steam Tank classed as warmachine with 2 templates.
  • Slann may have max of 2 Focus of Mystery, Becalming Cogitation, Cupped Hands or Focused Rumination
  • Max of 3 Skaven Engineers
  • Max 3 Mangler Squids and/or Pump Wagons
  • Ogres cannot take Hellheart and Scoll in same list
  • High Elf RBTs count as 2 for 1
Tournament to be played over 5 rounds using the following scenarios:
  1. Dawn attack
  2. Meeting engagement
  3. Watch Tower
  4. Blood and Glory
  5. Pitched Battle

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