February 15, 2012

Laser cut movement trays

A while ago I purchased a laser cut MDF movement tray off Trade Me as a bit of an experiment to see how they looked.  The intent was to get enough of these to kit out my High Elf army to give it that extra special look.MDF movement trays seem to be a widely available item in the gaming world but an expensive one if you are looking to buy enough to kit out your entire army. 

Irresitable Force Australia Pre-Cut Wooden Movement Tray AUS$10

Among the local options are Irresitable Force Australia who stock a range of plain wood and stone edged trays all pre-cut to set sizes.  The range is pretty extensive but limited in terms of the unit sizes available with no option to get them custom sized.  The range was obviously designed with 7th Ed in mind hence the proliferation of 5 wide infantry bases for 20mm, 25mm & 40mm models.  IF also provide pre-cut magnetic inserts to fit any standard movement tray size - I have a couple of these and they work well, but honestly its cheaper, easier and just as effective to buy A4 size fridge magnets and cut those up.  The other barrier are the prices which at approximately AUS$10-15 per tray which is a substantial investment.

Irresitable Force Pre-Cut Stone Edged Tray
The NZ retailer I trialed a base off was a guy called Dopey Dog Laser Engraving producit quality was good and unlike IF he can cut movement trays to whatever size you like.  I paid (from memory) $5-6 for a 5x4 pre-cut tray with a full edge and as stated the quality was excellent. Unfortunately I am not sure if the guy is still operating as despite a couple of emails to his site over the last month asking for product quotes I haven't heard back from him and his Facebook hasnt been updated in several months.

Sarissa Precision Pre-Cut movement Tray

A Google search however did turn up an alternative and a good one at that.  Sarissa Precision in the UK offers a full, and I do mean FULL, range of pre-cut MDF movement trays at pretty much every size under the sun.  More importantly the prices are incredibly cheap - 2 pounds or NZ$3-4 for a standard 5x4 20mm tray.  They also provide free international shipping for orders over 30 pounds.  I did some more checking on their customer feedback - which was good - and placed an order last week.  That order is now winging its way to NZ and should arrive soon.  So next week expect to see some photos of a newly based up High Elf army.  Total number of trays ordered was 12 or 15 (can't remember now) and the total cost $60.  The trays aren't as good looking as the rounded edge Irresitable Force ones, but they are similar to the Dopey Dog one I trialed and fit the bill.


Ben said...

They look fantastic! It almost makes me want to get back into WFB! Almost

John M said...

AH!!! Wouldnt you know it but my impatience has cost me the NZ guy just got back to me.

Ill just have to use him to base my Ogres