February 21, 2012

Laser Cut Movement Trays

These little beauties arrived in the mail yesterday and they are as good as I had hoped, not quite as well made as the New Zealand version I trialed a while ago (edges arent rounded and base isnt as thick) but still really good.

Had forgotten how many I had ordered though, for the record the sizes above from left to right are:
  • 7x2 20mm (3)
  • 5x1 Cavalry (3)
  • 4x7 20mm (2)
  • 5x7 20mm (2)
  • 5x10 20mm (1)
The New Zealand company owner finally got back to me the other week, but has dropped off the radar again.  If he gets back to me this week Ill order movement trays for my Ogres off him.   The links for each company are:
Planning to spray paint these Dark Grey to match the Dark Grey on my Elves bases rather than White. 


Da Wolf said...

Sorry for dropping of the radar.
Things have been a wee bit hectic lately.
If you need anything please dont hesitate to email me @

Mark Woods

John M said...

Not a problem could not be happier with the quality of the trays you sent me. Ogres look great in them, and once I get the next lot of models Ill order some more