February 14, 2012

Oh for a Northern Winter

I never missed being in the UK so much as yesterday when I purchased an Ogre Battalion Box from a New Zealand retailer for nearly double what I could have purchased it for from Maelstrom Games.  But thanks to GW ban on Northern Hemisphere retailers shipping to the Southern Hemisphere I didn't have much of a choice (at least I can still get cheaper FOW stuff from the UK).  International Price Comparisons are not pretty reading

Ogre Kingdoms Battalion Box Global Price Comparisons 
Maelstrom Games (UK) - £46.12 or NZ$82.29 + free shipping
Wayland Games (UK) - £48 or NZ$86.27
Irresitable Force (Australia) - A$136 or NZ$168.03 + shipping 
GW New Zealand - NZ$190 + free shipping
Vagabond Games New Zealand - $161.50 + shipping
So you can see that whatever you do as a Kiwi your getting ripped off.  You can't even do the sneaky thing on order online and have the stuff sent to friends/family in the UK and then posted to you.  Why?  Because Credit Cards and PayPal accounts are linked to specific national addresses hence the retailer knows your ordering from New Zealand so won't/can't process the order.

As it was I picked one up off Trade Me from an online retailer for $140 saving $20 on other local prices.  But still I wish I had decided to start Ogres 6 months ago because it would have been so much cheaper. 

On a positive note though I finished putting all of the number decals on my Panzer IV's, Sdkfz 251's and Jagdpanthers and they look SO much better.  Just need to add them to my Armoured Cars now.

Next FOW purchase will be some AA Half-tracks then thats about it for a while as I still have a mound of High Elf painting to get done.

2400pts of Dwarfs vs. Goblins this Thursday so look out for Battle Report come Friday.


Squeek Vermintide said...

I feel your pain. At today's exchange rate that Ogre Battalion is 208 NZ$ if purchased at GW Japan...

Scott said...

Funnily enough I've just been bitching about GW on my own blog... but if you've got contacts in UK, you have missed an opportunity, though based on a bit of trust; get them to order for you using their UK credit cards and address, and then they can ship here... you just pay them the funds via Paypal transfer. There will be a PAYPAL fees of course but that can be factored in, and will still save you heaps on price here. Or other international money transfer mechanism. Best, Scott

Angryhatter said...

If you have family/friends in the UK (presume so since you seem to have looked into it?) then you could always paypal them the money and then link them to what you're after and have them buy it for you. Its been done and nothing can stop them shipping it to you them selves. Takes a little bit longer, but saves you a LOT looking at them comparisons.

Allan and Carmen said...

I have to agree. I miss Maelstrom Prices as well.

It was GW that caused the problem and GW's "solution" has many of our Australian Players selling up all of their GW models.

To be honest I am not far off selling off all my GW figures as well.

I have been playing since Rogue Trader and have collected, painted and played every army except Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts.

I have really started expanding into Historical and other games and plan replace my GW stuff with this :)

Cheaper, great quality and more fun :)

Happy Gaming,


John M said...

@ Squeek - NZ$200 is just insane, and I understand that theres a lack of GW stores in Japan as well (is that right). The cost of fielding a Skaven army must be huge.

@ Scott - Yeah I read your post, I do have contacts nearly all family but arranging things like this is difficult. Battlefront nearly shot themselves in the foot with NZ'ers when they stopped supplying to Maelstrom last year (mainly because NZ retailers were using Maelstrom as a wholesaler instead of BF). But they kissed and made up recently so its back to cheap stuff - Wayland Games is also a good option, and then theres always the Plastic Soldier Company for cheap vehicles.

@Allan - I have heard of ppl selling off everything in protest. But honestly I think thats a bit extreme. I've invested some much time and effort in building up my armies and enjoy the game so much that giving it up isnt an option. I did give up Warmachine but that was only through a lack of opponents not the cost.