February 24, 2012

Stumpy retraction!!! Finecast is fine

Apologies for the rant yesterday.  Getting my first Finecast model was a bit of a shock as I wasn't expecting it and had various horror stories running around in my head and it was just so different.

I finished assembling the model today and despite some difficulties getting the superglue to bond properly its turned out really well.  Its just that the substance is such a large variation on the typical plastic, metal and BF resin stuff that I am used to.  Its not plastic, its not metal and its not completely hard but in between.

The moulding wasnt as crisp as it would be with plastic or at least the lines/outlines of the model didnt seem to stand out as much.  But i did some more filing and green stuffing and its turned out OK and I think it will be one of those models whose details only appear once its undercoated. 

So we'll see how things go as I still need a Firebelly and have to order one from somewhere :)

1 week till my first WHFB tournament of the year up against a field full of Masters players including one from the UK, I get the feeling that I am going to get monstered.

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Squeek Vermintide said...

Thanks for the update. When I read about your experiences yesterday I thought "it isn't just me!" but am glad that it looks like it will work out.

I guess my issue with Finecast comes down to having to do lots of "filing and green stuffing" when these models have been touted as "the highest quality miniatures the world has ever seen"...

Looking forward to seeing the finished models!