February 28, 2012

What to do with left over sprues?

Completed assembly of my Ogre Kingdoms Battalion and was amazed at the large amount of material left over.  If I had the body's and foot plates there would easily be enough spare parts to make another 6-10 Ogres from the left over parts.  Its great that GW put so many options into each kit, but honestly how much money do they spend producing plastic parts that are never used and what would prices be if they didnt?

Left over OK pieces from the Battalion Box Set

On the topic of my Ogres I now have two Characters with the arrival of a Metal Tyrant in the mail the other day.  Its a Trade Me purchase so will need paint stripping but is a good one, and I also recieved my Ironblaster which looks extremely complicated as far as assembly goes.

Also arrived are  some AA units for my FOW collection, a Flak 38 Platoon for my Fallschirmjager and 2 x 2cm Flak Halftracks also for my Fallschirmjager but more for my Panzer/PzGrenadier units. 

Given that I have lost all interest in finishing the painting on my last two High Elf Chariots the AA guns are next on the painting table.


Harry Balzac said...

I found this idea for sprue re-use on WargamerAU:
Seems like a great idea rather than turning all that excess plastic into landfill!

John M said...

Thats not bad - what Im trying to do is source some body parts from bitzbox.co.uk or a similar retailer so I put some more ogres together.

Minitrol said...

Siege towers. You make a basic rectangle then reinforce the corners with tape and cover the body with skins cut from paper. Looks great and damn cheap!

Hobby Horse said...

I use the sprue frames to make movement trays. Just thought I would put that out there!

John M said...

I tried the movement tray thing and it worked pretty well.