February 9, 2012

WIP - Jagdpanthers & more Warhammer

Nearly completed the Jagdpanthers to go with my HH Fallschirmjager or my LW Panzer/PzGrenadier Companys.  Added the netting and foliage last night, still need to finish the tracks and the various pieces of equipment hanging off the tanks.  And Ill be lightening up the armour as well as its come out darker than I had hoped.

Netting was made out of an old bandage that I painted prior to fixing it on using Washes rather than paints.  Superglue is the best way of adhering it and the GF9 Foliage i used both items stick and harden for effectively than with other glue types.

My local gaming store also got in my copy of the latest Ogre Kingdoms sourcebook, a little present to myself with the latest pay increase and backpay bonus we recieved this week.  And it gets better with the new mini FOW Edition 3 rulebooks arriving at my gaming club tonight.  So lots of reading ahead for the weekend.


Itchy said...

Jagdpanthers are my favorite FoW model, bar none and yours looks spectacular.

I have always enjoyed the natural camo and netting effects you put on your German armor. Top notch!

John M said...

They are pretty awesome models aren't they, been looking forward to getting them and adding them to my LW army.

Glad you like them and thanks for the comments :)

Scott said...

Nice I like the bandage idea. Gotta get me some jadgpanthers too ;-)

John M said...

Jag's are great I can run them with HH or FE Fallschirm lists or add them to a Panzer Company. 1500pts FE Panzer Company you can take 10 x PzIV's 2 x Jag's and a Panzerspah Platoon which is a bit unbalanced but still useful.

As for the bandages I made an adjustment the other night and dry brushed them with GW Bleached Bone. They have come up a lot better particularly on my half-tracks. Will post some photos later.

Cheers for the comments