February 23, 2012

World of Tanks & its lessons for FOW players

I've been playing this game for three weeks now and its become seriously addictive, far too much fun and far too easy to play. Like a FPS but with tanks.  The range of maps and vehicles is great as is the system for upgrading tanks and choosing the path you want to follow.  If you want to stick with a small light tank then you can and you'll only ever play against similar vehicles (although not always) so there is no OTT matchups.

If your a FOW player then this game is actually a must as it really does provide so fantastic game play lessons.  Notable first hand lessons you'll pick up or get reinforced are:
  • Importance of terrain in blocking LOS and giving cover.
  • Defensive nature of SPG and TD.
  • Use of speed to flank heavier Tanks to get shots at side/rear armour.
  • Danger of artillery to Tanks.
  • Just how hard to kill Soviet heavy tanks are - I mean seriously it can take upto 10 shots from a Pak 40 style gun to kill a freaking KV sometimes.
I only have 3 problems with the game to date:
  • It includes experimental and what-if Tanks i.e. those not in production during the war or that the developers think could have been.  Consequently you run up against French Heavy Tanks like the AMX40 for instance?!?  Personally I think that if it wasnt in production and in active service during the war then it shouldnt be in the game - but thats just me.
  • Match ups mix up the countries i.e. you have mixed teams of Allies/Axis playing Allies/Axis.  Again its a personal quirk but I'd prefer it if servers put all the German tanks on one team and the allied tanks on the other.
  • Damn KV's killing me with one shot.

So far I'm sticking exclusively to German vehicles and am currently running:

 Pz38t with a 4.7cm Pak 38(t) L43.  A light fast tank which being fully upgraded has a quick reload time and fast turret traverse.  In games where your up against similar tier vehicles or maybe 1 tier higher it does very well.  However, those games where I end playing against Tier 5+ vehicles or up-gunned Tier 4's then it gets blown away quite easily. 

Marder II with a 7.6cm Pak 36(r) by far my favourite vehicle and the one I play the most.  Just a hell of a lot of fun to use even though its low armour means it gets killed easily by the heavy tanks and particularly artillery.  But it suits my play style which is very much find a good defensive spot and wait for the opposition to get impatient. 
The PzIV which I managed to upgrade to this week.  Still learning how to use it properly as I started off treating it like a light tank and charging full steam ahead with it.  Nice to have the same calibre gun as the Marder but with the ability to fire 360 degrees.

Finally, theres the Hetzer in my case armed with a giant 105mm gun.  It fires incredibly slowly but can 1-shot kill most vehicles if you hit them properly.  Fun to play particularly as its more heavily armoured than the Marder and I sometimes drop the gun back to the faster firing 7.6cm but otherwise I just like having the big boom stick.

Long term I'm looking forward to upgrading to a Jagdpanther and the Panther Tank at some stage.


Ben said...

It is a great game, and as you say far far to addictive and easy to play. My me other than the Axis vs allies split I think they need to get around to doing the British. The fact they have done the French first I thought was a bit odd.

I'm also running a Hetzer with a 105mm gun, and I think that is mow my favourate combo I have used so far. Watching T-28's go by in one shot makes me laugh!

Tomsche said...

It`s a decent game indeed, been playing it since Closed Beta and bravely facing all in my Canadian RAM

Philfy said...

Definitely addictive - and alternately frustrating. It is quite a tactical game, particularly when it comes to the Clan Wars side of things. It can be a very very different game depending on if you are playing a light, medium or heavy tank. Arty and TD's are another story altogether as well.
Currently using an E100 and Maus in clan wars, and grinding through my IS4. My favourite tank thus far would have to be the German Tier 9 E75... logged over 1000 battles in it.
You are right John, the speed and ease of play, makes it a pretty win game (and doesn't use much bandwidth either - always a bonus!)

John M said...

Yeah the bandwidth usage is a definate plus makes it very cheap to run at home.

I've found I enjoy the tank Destroyers more than Tanks so am concentrating on those. Just upgraded to the StuG III.