March 8, 2012

Battle Chronicler map building software

Just a quick heads up readers would have noticed the maps that I sometimes use when writing battle reports.  These have evolved in their complexity over the years as I found new ways of doing them.

The latest and best however is by using a free online download of a programme called Battle Chronicler.

Its incredibly easy to use, allows you save army lists and has a massive range of terrain and other options built into it.  I highly recommend it for people who are keen on mapping out their battles.

Battle Chronicler Website


Erik said...

Looks like a grate program, do you happen to know if its compatible with Mac?

John M said...

Took this from their webpage...

"Battle Chronicler runs on top of the latest version Microsoft's .Net framework, which is a Windows only technology. So there will not be a Mac version.

Some Mac users run a Windows emulation, like Parallels Desktop, or VM Ware and have successfully got Battle Chronicler working that way."

So i'm guessing thats a no - sorry

Erik said...

o, o that's to bad. But thanks for finding it, I had just no luck when I was looking on the webb page.

Its been really fun in reading how it went for you in the tournament, to bad that you just got 1 win. And its really fun to see that's your almost done with your ogre 1500Pts army.

John M said...

Thanks Eric always good to know that people like reading what I put up.

I would have liked another win but theres always next time :)