March 16, 2012

Battle Report - High Elves vs. Bretonnians 2400pts

Only my 3rd ever game against Brettonians and 1st with High Elves. I had a good idea of what the army would do having been loaned the army book by Adam, and recalling with horror my two previous experiences (under 7th) against them with my Dwarfs (1 win, 1 loss both in tournaments).  Brendans list was extremely solid and very well thought out, and from memory was:

Brettonians @ 2400pts
Damsel (L2 Beasts)
Damsel (L1 Life)
9 x Knights Errant
9 x Knights Errant
15 x Knights of Realm (both Lords, the BSB & L2 Damsel in this unit)
5 xYeoman
5 x Yeoman
3 x Pegasus Knights
30 x Men at Arms
30 x Men at Arms

Up against this I had taken a slightly modified version of the list I posted earlier in the week deciding to give myself some more movement, dropping the Book of Hoeth and opting for:

Archmage L4- Life
Mage L2 - Shadow
35 x Spears
14 x Archers
12 x Archers
28 x White Lions
14 x Swordmasters
13 x Swordmasters
5 x Ellyrian Reavers

The basic idea was to make use of the 1st turn which I assumed I would get and go for the nasty Initiative and Strength test spells in order to take down as many Knights as I could. 

High Elves - Turn 1
Deployment & Turn 1
I got lucky and won the roll off for Vanguard allowing the Reavers to get ahead effectively blocking the Bretonnian fast movers from getting out of their deployment zone.  Everyone rushed forward with magic minimised due to the very weak Winds of Magic - they didnt blow strong until after my Archmage had died (go figure).  The Level 2 was helped by being stationed in a Wizards Tower (thoughtfully rolled for and provided by Adam).  Principle aim of Eagles was to make his Errants charge me and to march block everything else.  Shooting concentrated on the Trebuchets and I got lucky taking out all but 1 crewmen on the first one.

Brettonians - Turn 1
As expected the Errants charged the central Eagle with the Yeoman going into the flank as well for some reason.  Pegasus Knights went for the other Eagle while the Yeomen reformed to shoot at the Reavers.  Winds of Magic were again poor and I used my L2's Arcane Item to destory one of the L2 Damsels spells.  Surprisingly the other two blocks of Knights opted not to charge.

Turn 2
Reavers sweep round the rear and shoot at the Trebuchet on the hill taking out a couple of crewmen, and Archers join in leaving both warmachines with a single wound each.  Everyone else moves forward getting ready to charge - Throne of Vines is active and the right hand Swordmasters have Shield of Thorns successfully cast upon them.  The central Swordmasters charge the Yeomen who, as hoped, flee but they then fail their redirect leadership test - the BSB was just out of range so I couldnt reroll - and they get stuck right in front of the Men at Arms and Knights Errant with their flank exposed.
High Elves - Turn 2
The Men at Arms charge the Swordmasters kill 3 and force the rest to flee after they fail their Leadership test having also failed to kill enough of the Brettonians to win combat.  The main units of Brett Knights continue to back peddle, and the Yeomen unfortunately finish off the Reavers.
Brettonians - Turn 2
Things are still in the balance at the start of this turn, but not at the end of it.  Unfortunately the winds of magic remain unkind and the backpeddling Brettonians remain out of range except for the Yeomen in front of the White Lions.  These were annoyingly placed to prevent me from charging the Knights Errant to their front, so the White Lions hacked them down and then reformed to face the Errants.

The Brettonain army charges and pull off a nice crossover with the Errants hitting the Swordmastersa and the Knights of the Realm, and 4 accompanying characters, slamming into the Spears.  Elsewhere the Pegasus Knights fail to charge the Archres while the White Lions bear the brunt of the 2nd Errants unit and the Men at Arms. 

Disaster!!! The Spears, Archmage and right hand Swordmasters all die, flee and/or are run down and my entire right flank is basically squashed flat.  S3 High Elves with Spears can do F-ALL against a Brett unit with 3 characters in the front.  While the Swordmasters do kill 4 Knights, they dont do enough to save themselves.

Turn 4
Maybe I can salvage something here?!? The Archers charge the Men at Arms to their front who for some reason run away, it would have been a flank charge so maybe that was why?  The remaining Swordmasters move up to flank the Errants battling it out with the White Lions.  Winds of Magic blow nice and strong now but blow stronger for the Brettonians and nothing gets off.  The White Lions also fail to do enough damage on the Errants and Men at Arms.

High Elves - Turn 4
Brettonians - Turn 4
Its gettting pretty dicey now the Pegasus Knights finally make a charge and slam into the rear of the Archers, however the Men at Arms keep running away - Woot!!.  In the biggest upset of the game 6 Knights Errant dismount and assault the Wizards Tower lose 5 of their number and are forced to retreat AH HA - if only they would fight on foot all the time.

Turns 5 - 6
Its pretty much over now as the Knights of the Realm are in the rear of the White Lions.  Even so the remaining Swordmasters flank charge the Errants to their front and hack them into little bits of dog food and then the White Lions turn the Damsel into Gravy.  However, in the Wizards Tower the L2 gets carried away miscasts, dies and wipes out his unit in the process - the few survivors fleeing off the board.

High Elves - Turn 5
Brettonians - Turn 5
High Elves - Turn 6
Brettonians - Turn 6

Even after reforming to face the charge the Swordmasters cant do anything about the Knights of the Realm and after 2 rounds of combat I only have my BSB and 1 White Lion left.  Turn 6 comes and goes pretty quick with both of these guys getting trampled and the Brettonians are left victorious.

All in all a very brutal game but one that I could have done a lot better in, not putting Flesh to Stone onto the Spears making them T7 in Turn 2 or 3 was a mistake, but overall I dont think there was much else I could have done.  I needed my magic to work and it didnt and then I just could kill enough of the Knights to make a difference and without any flanking units to kill rank and file the Character heavy Knights of the Realm were pretty much unbeatable.

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