March 9, 2012

Battle Report - High Elves vs. Empire @ 2400pts

Played against Reagans Empire army last night and a slightly modified list on his part.  As he is learning the game we kept things simple and stuck with a Pitched Battle without any Mysterious Terrain.  His list was fairly magic heavy a L4, L2 and Warpriest, light on infantry, but had a lot of shooting - 2 Great Cannons, a Mortar, a Rocket Battery, and 3 units of Bows.


High Elves - Turn 1

Empire - Turn 1
Turn 1
Basically I moved my infantry blocks forward as far as I could.  The Eagles marched aiming for the Knights and Hellblaster.  The Winds of Magic were rather unkind but I did manage to stop the Hellblaster from firing and get Phas Protection onto the Spears. 

Reagans response was to charge one of the Eagles with his Knights and move slowly forward with his infantry relying on his shooting and magic to do damage.  The Mortar's 5" template was pretty brutal but luckily for me Reagan had taken Lore of Shadow whose Initiative testing spells are largely useless against High Elves.  However, I still lost quite a few White Lions & Phoenix the latter simply unable to make their Ward Saves.

High Elves - Turn 2

Empire - Turn 2
Turn 2
Charges against the Knights by the White Lions saw the Knights flee, while the Spears and Eagles went into the Great Swords and Bowmen.  The Phoenix Guard hung back principally as the Pikemen/Halbierders had Mindrazor on them and because they were placed to flank guard the PG if they didnt overwhelm the Stubborn Greatswords to their front.

In combat the Spears couldnt chop through the Great Swords and we the first of a couple of drawn combats, while after rallying Reagans Knights could do little against the White Lions.  Shooting and magic continued to be the main damage causers on both sides with my Archers taking two of his warmachines down to a single wound each.

High Elves - Turn 3

Empire - Turn 3
Turn 3 - 4
White Lions reform and move into position to flank charge the Great Swords whose 2 accompanying characters and Stubborn were proving hard to dislodge.  The remaining Eagle moved to block the Knights to stop them from hitting the White Lions in the rear, while that damn Mindrazor kept me hanging back from the Pikemen in what was the dumbest move of the game on my part.
High Elves - Turn 4
Reagan gets clever here and charges the Eagle with one of his characters killing it and forcing it to flee in the next turn.  The character then rejoins the Knights and they move up behind the White Lions who like the Spears just cant do anything about the Stubborn rolls on the Great Swords. 
Empire - Turn 4
The Phoenix Guard finally charge but it takes 2 rounds of combat to kill off the Pikemen who have been set up to stop an overrun into the Greatswords.  Reagan kept making his saves pretty much every combat so I was struggling to do any wounds.  Meanwhile shooting and magic was ripping holes in my Archer units. End of his Turn 4 the Pikes finally break and are chased down by the Phoenix Guard.  In hindsight not only should I have charged everybody at his infantry in Turn 2 but I should also have restrained the PG here and then gone for the Great Swords other flank in Turn 5.

Turns 5 -  6
Damn Winds of Magic are still fickle, and while the Great Swords are all dead the BSB is still there.  I take a calculated gamble figuring that I can kill the BSB in my turn allowing the White Lions to turn and face the Knights before they charge.  Consequently the P/Guard rather than moving to support them swift reform to charge the Archers and his Artillery.  Shooting meanwhile takes out his Hellblaster.

High Elves - Turn 5
Empire - Turn 5
The damn BSB wont die and his Knights hit the rear of the White Lions who chop down a few of them but then lose a lot more of their own in response as Reagan has Mindrazor going every turn.  While I kill his BSB I lose on combat resolution, the White Lions stay but my remaining Spears and BSB fail on a Leadership 4 roll and have to flee meaning the BSB dies as does the Spears standard.  The remaining single Spearmen runs off to cry behind a hedge somewhere.
High Elves - Turn 6
Completely forgetting that its Turn 6 I rotate the Phoenix Guard around thinking Ill either charge the Knights next turn or take charge when they overrun the White Lions.  What I should have done is rampaged through his Bows that at least would have given me some more points.  Shooting and magic also go well for both of us.  The Mortar is killed by Elven bowfire along and one of his bow units which fled from shooting the previous turn runs off the board.  However, his shooting and magic kills off both of my Archer units in Turn 6.
Empire - Turn 6
Um not good - I cant kill the Knights with their 1+ AS particularly as they keep making their 4+ AS against my S6 White Lions.  End result I get wiped out and the game ends with only my Phoenix Guard on the board.

Not quite sure what the result was in the end as we didnt add it up but I lost approximately 1600pts and my BSB. Whereas he still had both Cannons, both of his Mages, the Preist, a unit of Knights and 2 of Bows still on the field.

But in my mind he thrashed me quite badly.  The list I took worked well, as did the magic, I just played very badly and he rolled well.


Panzerdaddy said...

Love the battle report diagrams!
Battle Chronicler is great boon to your battle report!

John M said...

They're pretty damn good aren't they. Can't remember who put me onto the programme but its a definate winner :)