March 8, 2012

High Elves v. Empire @ 2400pts & first Ogre List

Giving my High Elves a run tonight against Reagans gunline Empire army, and I do mean GUNLINE.  Going to run a slight variation on my standard fare by sticking in a L2 along with my usual L4 General.  I could orientate it specifically to play vs. Empire but I prefer to build general lists that are tournament focused.

Week after that I think Ill give my Ogres a bit of a run as I have enough now (with a couple of empty bases acting as proxies) to run 1500pts.  Been tinkering with lists for a while - the Ogre Stronghold has been moderately helpful and I've used Petes Ideas from Fields of Blood on kitting out Ogre Characters.

Anyway lists are:

Ogres @ 1500pts
Slaughtermaster Lvl 4 - 348pts
w. Armour of Silvered Steel, Channelling Staff, Ironcurse Icon, Ironfist

Bruiser BSB - 189pts
w. Sword of Striking, Iron Fist, Armour of Fortune, Lookout Gnoblar

7 x Ironguts - 346pts (Slaughtermasters unit)
w. Full Command, Standard of Discipline, Lookout Gnoblar

7 x Bulls - 259pts (BSB's unit)
w. Full Command, Ironfists

4 x Leadbelchers - 182pts
w. Bellower

Ironblaster - 170pts

TOTAL 1,499

I really wanted to take the Greedy Fist as I think its a great item but erred on the side of a better AS for the Slaughtermaster, although to be honest anything that hits an Ogre at a Strength high enough to wound him is going to chop through armour anyway so WS are probably better - but a 3pt Ironfist gives you that 6+ parry save.  Also looked at Glittering Scales and Fencers Blades.

High Elves @ 2400pts vs. Empire
Archmage L4 - 325pts
w. Dispel Scroll, Folraiths Robe,  Lore of Light

Mage L2 - 165pts
w. Seerstaff, Lore of Fire

Noble BSB - 168pts
w. Armour of Caledor, Great Weapon, Guardian Phoenix

35 x Spears - 350pts
w. Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

14 x Archers - 159pts
w. Musician

14 x Archers - 159pts
w. Musician

28 x White Lions - 470pts
w. Full Command, Ironcurse Icon, Standard of Discipline

28 x Phoenix Guard - 500pts
w. Full Command, Banner of Sorcery

Eagle - 50pts

Eagle - 50pts

TOTAL 2,396pts

This is what I am looking at running at Horned Rat in May (if I opt not to take my Dwarfs - and if I can get the additional models painted up in time, have 5 x metal PG and 10 x metal WL still in boxes).  Lore of Light is something I want to experiment with after running into it twice at Runefang.  Its nearly all Augment spells but they could help High Elves a fair bit.  Lore of Fire Id be looking at Flaming Sword and Flame Cage as the spells of choice in most games. 

Not a lot of mobility here aside from 'Bironas Timewarp' so Eagles will be critical to getting into enemy warmachines.  Major changes from my last High Elf list are dropping of 5 x Dragon Princes to include the L2 and the 2nd Eagle and the beefing up of the unit of WL to 28 from 21.

Ability to take Banner of Sorcery really relies on comp system which I see Pete has changed.  Book of Hoeth a consideration but honestly I dont like running an unprotected Archmage around.  Folraiths is a decent fallback but could be swapped for Talisman of Preservation.


Elven Glades said...

Interested to see how Fire and Light works for High Elves. Are you looking to use a Magic missile heavy HE army. Glad to see that you're going the Whitelion, Phoenix guard combo instead of the more popular double WL which I run myself. I usually see multiple light mages to get the stack for light to be ultra effective.

John M said...

I've PG run since I first started playing HE as I really like the metal models, the fluff and the 4+ WS which in 7th was golden.

Still run them now and dont plan to stop. Funnily enough I have still not seen any other HE player at the various tournaments i've been too take them. Really dont know why as they're awesome - although I dont care for the new plastic ones, they look good I just dont like them.

Just pity the 25% core min means I cant fit Swordmasters in anymore.