March 11, 2012

Latest FOW/Ogre acquisitions and Ogre inspiration

My FOW Fallschirmjager now have all the units they need after the arrival and assembly of the following units:

FJ AA Platoon w. 2 x Flak 38 2cm

AA Platoon w. 2 x Flak 38 2cm Halftracks
The half-tracks will be put on to medium bases and I also plan to use the spotter teams that come with the models to kit them out a little more, possibly put one track on a large base with a spotter and some camo netting making a mini-diorama.

The half-tracks also have the added advantage of fitting into whatever Panzer or PzGrenadier list I happen to run.  Next on the purchase list will be some PSC Panthers.  My Ogre army will also get an added boost when an Avatars of War model from Maelstrom turns up sometime this week.  I plan on modifying him to carry the army battle standard.

Ogre Kingdoms wise I've also been collecting pictures to get me inspired for when I start painting them, which might be soon as I have lost interest in painting my High Elves (AGAIN) but do have 20 Quarrellers that need re-doing. 

The following units in particular caught my eye, I'm starting to think I can be a lot more colourful with my choices and maybe have multiple colours throughout the army and go for something completely garish and lacking in anyform of taste - just what an Ogre would go for.

Alternatively my High Elves are purple and my Dwarfs are green so I need to go somewhere in the middle of those two, or go with Green as I do like that.... decisions decisions

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