March 21, 2012

Little bits and bobs

Been doing a little bit of painting last couple of nights leaving my High Elf Chariots aside and deciding to put the IoB Seaguard and Mage onto the table.  The Seaguard have unfortunately proven tricky for 3 reasons (1) the extra detailing on the models, (2) constant changes to the colour scheme I want to use, and (3) my crappy brushes.  The extra detailing is a headache as these guys are very different from the standard run of the mill Spearmen, still it will be nice to get them finished and after them its the turn of the Swordmasters.

Colour scheme wise I am finding that detailing makes my standard High Elf scheme difficult to apply as frankly I not always sure which bits should be what colour.  Lots of internet trolling the other day has helped a fair bit there, but also lead to a lot of drooling over the amazing work some people do.One thing that has definately worked was a simplified approach to painting armour that I took from Watching Paint Dry - instead of layering Boltgun metal, Chainmail and Mithril Silver followed by Washes I went straight for Mithril Silver with Badab Black oTT and it worked extremely well.  Gold areas are also easier now and done by swapping Badab Black for Sepia Wash (thanks here to Wrythhold

The brush situation finally prompted me to order some decent brushes a couple of Winsor & Newton Series 7's after reading a review of them on Petes blog Fields of Blood, as well as numerous other reviews online.  Price wise there was a huge variation in the cost of these guys but I managed to find a good retaile in the UK Ken Bromley Art Supplies whose prices were not only cheap but who also provided cheap postage.  Hopefully the brushes I ordered will turn up sometime in the next couple of days.

Playing Brendans Brettonians again tomorrow night - suspect he will bring the same list and I've had to try to figure out how to modify mine from last week.  A key decision is whether to take White Lions or Phoenix Guard.

White Lions are stubborn and strike at S6 and have a good save against shooting, but die easily in combat like all High Elves.  Phoenix Guard only strike at S4, but you can give them AP but are more likely to stick around. Rest of my list from last week worked Ok I just made a couple of little errors and suffered horribly when his Knights of the Realm hit the Spears. 

After a bit of tinkering I've opted to go with the following:

Archmage - 320pts
w. Level 4 Lore of Death, Jewel of Dusk, Folraiths Robe

Lore is a big change from Lore of Life but I wanted to give it a go, and Folraiths was my usual choice under 7th and I think is preferable ahead of the ToP.  Jewel of Dusk chucks an extra PD the mages way which quite frankly at 15pts is cheaper and more effective than the Banner of Sorcery.

Mage - 155pts
w. Level 2 Lore of Shadow, Dispel Scroll

Sticking with Shadow as the default spell is useful and unless you take Seerstaff its hard to get the right spells with Life.

BSB - 168pts
w. AoC, GW, Guardian Phoenix 

39 x Spears - 396pts
w. Full Command, War Banner

13 x Archers -148pts
w. Musician

13 x Archers - 148pts
w. Musician

25 x White Lions - 455pts
w. Full Command, Ironcurse Icon, Razor Standard

Smaller unit, probably run them 5 wide.  Standard means -4 to enemy AS rather than -3 and is a departure from BoS or Standard of Discipline.

13 x Swordmasters - 201pts
w. Musician

13 x Swordmasters - 201pts
w. Musician

5 x Reavers - 102pts
w. Musician, Bows

5 x Reavers - 102pts
w. Musician, Bows

The reavers worked well last week and ill take two units of them this week in place of 1 with 2 Eagles (have to proxy in some Dragon Princes for them). 

TOTAL 2,396 (27% Characters, 29% Core, 44% Special)

Did muck around with the idea of a Dragon Mage or Prince w. Star Dragon but decided against it and stuck with a fairly standard list.


Squeek Vermintide said...

On the High Elves, I may have missed it but could you confirm a total points value for that list? (or for each unit?)
I'm still finding my way around points lists for the pointy rated ones...
Many thanks,

John M said...

Sure thing - points added to post for you