March 8, 2012

REVIEW: Custom mvt trays & magnetising yr figures

Laser cut movement trays
Recieved the custom MDF movement trays for my Ogres in the mail just after lunch today.  Purchased these ones from a New Zealand supplier - Dopey Dog Laser Engraving - principally to compare them to the UK based Sarissa Precision trays I recieved a fortnight ago.

Some of the Trays for my Ogres - the black is the magnetic sheets which I inserted after recieving them
Tray with Ogres in showing how they match up to the top of the tray
The prices of both suppliers were similar but of the two products the NZ Dopey Dog stuff is a much better choice because:
  • Each tray can be custom made to specificed dimensions.  The UK supplier has a wide range of pre-cut size options to choose from but this may not include everything you want.  More importantly for me Mark Woods at Dopey Dog is willing to adjust the height, width and thickness of the wood that forms the rims of each tray.  On my trays I needed an extra 2mm to accomodate my use of fridge magents on my figures.
  • The laser cutting is more accurate, each tray is exactly the right size whereas with the UK trays had 1-2mm play on either side.
  • Quality of wood is better and edges are rounded giving them a better aesthetic.
  • The rims were actually glued to the bases of the trays whereas the Sarissa products arrived with the rims and bases separate.
  • For NZ'ers Dopey Dog is local.
My Ogres so far - 6 Bulls, 6 Ironguts, 4 L/Belchers, Ironblaster, Butcher & Tyrant (2nd hand so pre-painted)
How I make magnetic bases
There are a lot of options out there but I go with a pretty simple and very cost-effective one, I use fridge magnets specifically A4 size sheets for the base of the trays and 40mm x 20mm for the models themselves.  Both I source of Trade Me or from a New Zealand supplier Storyresources the prices are the same it just depends on what I can get through Trade Me.  The magnets are 1mm thick hence the need for slightly higher rims on the trays and work well - although they dont allow you to hang trays full of metal figures upside down.

A4 magnetic sheet
40mm x 20mm magnets
Look they work


Elven Glades said...

Mark at Dopey Dog does great work. Very friendly and he really does customise to what ever measurements you want. Prices are very reasonable too and thanks for the review Stumpy.

John M said...

Yeah the trays are fantastic just wish I had found him last year as I would have re-trayed all of my Dwarfs with his stuff. Still
might, but I've already invested a fair bit in the modular movement trays for them and my High Elves.

Still the Ogres are going to get a good fit out, and a couple of club mates tonight were looking the trays over.