March 5, 2012

WHFB Battle Report - Dwarfs vs. Lizardmen 2400pts

Runefang V WHFB Tournament

Game 4 vs. Paul Clarke - Lizardmen
Scenario - The one with Fortitude points
1st Turn - No

Paul's list was pretty strong and fairly typical of Lizardmen, containing:
- Slann -BSB/General
- Scar Veteran
- Scar Veteran
- Skink Priest
- 22 x Saurus
- 20 x Saurus
- 10 x Skinks
- 10 x Skink Skirmishers
- 10 x Skink Skirmishers
- 6 x Chameleon Skinks
- 3 x Terradons
- 5 x Cold Ones
- 3 x Terradons
- 2 x Salamanders
- 1 x Ancient Stegadon
My principle goal was to wipe out the unit with his Slann in it as this would destroy his armies Fortitude and grant me an extra 600 VP, along with all of the VP attached to that particular unit.  I had a strong advantage in this game in that my Fortitude was higher and it would much harder for him to break me.  Unfortunately Paul nabbed the 1st turn and I have to say made some great tactical decisions his use of magic in particular was very good and he quickly neutralised my Cannon and Grudge Thrower with spells and his Terradons.

Watching the Lizards advance
Shooting took down a large number of Dwarfs but I was able to kill off the Salamanders pretty quickly and get rid of a few of the Skinks.  A Venom Thickett also helped me a great deal dishing out 2 wounds on the Slann and killing 1/3 of his accompanying Saurus unit.  Those 2 wounds and 1 more for a subsequent miscast would unfortunately be the only ones the Slann suffered.
Oh Bugger they've got my Warmachines - note the sole surviving Quarreller on the hill
Without my artillery things didnt go well as his Saurus and Cold Ones rampaged through my lines only halted by the resolute defence of the Quarrellers who faced with overwhelming odds rolled  Snake Eyes on their 2nd attempt to prevent the Saurus for sweeping through my army.  The follow up flank charge by my Warriors into the Saurus was ineffectual and when the Cold Ones charged the Warriors Rear things went pear shaped pretty quick.
Yeah Baby Double 1's on the 2nd go after losing 11/16 Quarrellers - they would hold for one more turn after this
On the other flank the Rangers chased away a couple of units of Skinks and the Miners then popped up to grab another one.  The Miners worked wonders all weekend and are a definate must have.
Meanwhile my big expensive unit goes Stegadon hunting.
 The Hammerers also scored a moral victory chopping the Stegadon into mincemeat and Game End saw the remainder of my army unbroken on the left hand table edge safe and sound.  Unfortunately I hadnt done enough damage to Pauls army

Result 6-14 Loss

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