March 5, 2012

WHFB Battle Report - Dwarfs vs. Warriors of Chaos

Runefang V 
Game 5 vs. Sam Whitt - Warriors of Chaos
Scenario - Pitched Battle
1st Turn - Yes

(No photos for this one as my Phone's battery died after Game 4)

Really looked forward to this game as Sam is an extremely nice guy and a very good player.  I've not faced him before as he usually occupies that top half of the table but he was using a borrowed army that he wasnt used to and was (by his own admission) being abandoned by the Dice Gods.

Sams army included:
- Chaos Lord on Disc
- Exalted Hero BSB
- L2 Sorceror
- L2 Sorceror
- 38 x Khorne Marauders w. GW
- 38 x Khorne Marauaders w. GW
- 14 x Slanesh Marauders
- 5 x Warhounds
- 5 x Warhounds
- 18 x Khorne Chaos Warriors
- 10 x Chaos Knights of Tzeentch

The table top was pretty interesting as it used those big plastic terrain boards that GW brought out recently.  The 6 panels had been set up to create one huge hill the occupied the entire middle and left flank (from my perspective) of the board.  On the other side were two forests - a Fungus Forest on Sams side and a Venom Thickett on mine, a hill of Sams and some difficult terrain on mine.  I choose to set up in a corner giving me good LOS over the hills and allowing me to fire on anything coming my way.

Deployment - Miners show where they came up in Turn 3
The only important decisions to make deployment wise where what to do with the Miners and my Rangers.  The Miners were fantastic all weekend and I kept them underground once again.  The Rangers are also proving valuable as it means I have a large dangerous block of GW weilding infantry that I can plonk down after my opponents units are all deployed.  Makes things hard for them when planning their tactics.  In this case I put them down directly opposite Sams Chaos Knights.

Turn 1 - Dwarfs
I advanced my infantry guys forward a little bit but focused on shooting - what else?  Quarrellers went for the Warhounds to prevent them from being annoying charge blocking redirectors, while the Stonethrower (the only machine that had a target) went for the 1st Marauder block (M1) taking down about 6-7 of them.

 Turn 1 - Chaos
Sam's response was a very rapid advance which was OK with me as it exposed all of his units on hill tops where my artillery could see them. Magic didnt get through and the first dice roll begun a pattern whereby my DD were luckier than his PD in pretty much every turn from memory in Turn 5 he rolled double 1's something I have never seen before.  The flying Chaos Lord hung back though waiting for an opportunity.
Turn 2 - Dwarfs
The Miners don't appear and I kept most of my units in place and concentrated on shooting again.  The Organ Gun takes out 6 of the Chaos Warriors while the Stone Thrower kills off more of the Maruaders.  The Cannon meanwhile goes straight through the 2nd Marauder block but only kills 3 as I couldnt stop rolling 10's on the artillery dice all game meaning the shot kept bouncing too far.  My usual practice is to call for it land 4" in front of the unit and go from there. 

The only movement I had was the Rangers inching forward slightly to ensure that the Knights charged them and not the Quarrellers, who had finished off one unit of Warhounds.

Turn 2 - Chaos
The first charge of the game as the Knights and the BSB come pounding into the Rangers.  In the resulting combat Sam's dice showed their lack of interest in his wellbeing and saw his exalted Knights fail 3 AS and 3 WS.  While I lost half of the Rangers my extra ranks kept the unit steadfast.  Meanwhile some pesky hounds had come very close to my Warriors and Magic was again proving unsucessful.
Chaos - Turn 2
Turn 3 - Dwarfs
Hooray the Miners have arrived!!!  While the proved their worth in every game it was this one that really earned their points.  I decided to move them up to a position directly behind the Rangers who I expected to die this turn.  This meant that the Knights would overrun into the Miners, or be charged by them next turn.  The Hammerers also moved up slightly and the Warriors charged and stomped on those pesky Hounds.  Shooting was not as successful with the Cannon again rolling 10's and the Stone Thrower scattering too far.  But the Organ Gun chopped down more Marauders.
Dwarfs - Turn 3
Turn 3 - Chaos
Sure enough the Rangers got wiped out and the Miners were charged by the Knights.  The rest of Sam's army also started to march forward, passing their LS tests allowing them to resist their Frenzied urge to charge me. That damn Chaos Lord also popped out and started his quest to kill of my Warmachines.  In combat the Miners proved their worth and chopped through more of the Knights and Steadfastly held on.

Chaos - Turn 3
Turn 4 - Dwarfs
All the action is on the left as I decide against charging the Hammerers and Warriors into the advancing Chaos batteline.  Instead the artillery continues to pound away and Sam's units are now seriously depleted with all three infantry blocks at or near half strength.  Meanwhile the Quarrellers brave the Venom Thickett and flank charge the Knights hoping their poison attacks will win through the Chaos armour.  They do and after one more round of combat only a single Knight and Sam's BSB are left.  The Organ Gun lets rip at the Chaos Lord who freakily only takes 1 wound from 8 hits.
Dwarfs - Turn 4
Turn 4 - Chaos
The Knights are killed, and the BSB runs away to be chopped up by the Miners.  The Marauders charge the Hammerers to set up a fantastic simultaneous combat between 2 GW Hordes and the Lord charges my Cannon.  In combat the Marauders kill 13 Hammerers, but the Hammerers kill 18 Marauders and force them to flee.  The Cannon crew also Stubbornly hold on allowing me to get some more shooting in at the other Chaos infantry blocks.
Chaos - Turn 4
Turn 5 - Dwarfs
The fleeing Marauders managed to get away from the Hammerers in the last Turn, so they and the Warriors charge the Chaos Warriors instead.  Chaos falters once again and the Hammerers give chase running them down successfully. Meanwhile the Warriors reform to face the 2nd Marauder block advancing on their left.  The Cannon crew finally gives out but their stand allows the iother Artillery to take out more of the Marauders from both Blocks.  The Miners also swift reform expecting the smallest block of Marauders to come charging in.

Dwarfs - Turn 5
Turn 5 - Chaos
Marauders run into the Warriors, the other Marauders flee off the board, the small Marauder block (M3) charge the 5 remaining Miners and the Lord goes for the Stone Thrower.  The Miners opt to flee even though they are 4" from the table edge as I am hoping that the Marauders cant make the 10 they need on 2D6 to reach them.  I roll double 1's for the flee distance meaning I go 1" but then watch as Sam rolls 11 and the Miners are wiped out.  In combat the Warriors cant hang on and are forced to flee but somehow manage to out run the pursuit.
Chaos - Turn 5
Turn 6 - Dwarfs
Final turn and the Warriors rally. I decide not to charge the flank of the Marauders and there is little else I can do except fire the Organ Gun at the Marauder block.  The Chaos Lord is still locked in combat with the Artillery crew but they all die this round leaving him free to charge the Organ Gun.

Dwarfs - Turn 6
Turn 6 - Chaos
Sam opts not to charge with his Marauders who are seriously depleted and just takes out the Organ Gun instead.  Unfortunately it cant hold on like the other guys do and gets destroyed.
Turn 6 - Chaos
The game ends at this point and after adding up the points I end the Tournament with my only win a nice 14-6 result in my favour, and finish 21/27 - not flash but OK.


Sam said...

Hi John.

Good report mate, was a p[leasure to play ya and hope we get some more games in at future tourneys.

The only mistake you made in the report was in the final turn my chaos lord attempted to rear charge your warriors block with the marauders in the front. Only needing a seven to get in with swiftstride I think i rolled a 4 and failed....story of my weekend.
So I think your Organ gun survived the battle?



John M said...

Oh yeah Id forgotten about that failed charge. Would have been nasty had it gone off. It was a fun game and one of those that could have gone either way had the dice decided to switch sides as they often.

Was sorry to hear about your regular army stuff getting stolen some ppl have no shame. And from memory you other armies had some great looking models in them - thinking of the snow based Orcs & Arac Spider in particular.

Ben said...

Very nice report.

How did you make the pictures of the battlefield? DIY or is it a program?

Keep up the good work, i love your blog.


John M said...

Ben its a free download of a programme called Battle Chronicler.

Easy to use and a damn good programme.

Ben said...


thank you.

John M said...

Sweet as :)