March 19, 2012

Umm Wow!! 150 followers?!?

Checked the blog this morning to find that it now has 150 followers - thats 150 people who seem to enjoy reading my ongoing Procrastination Project, somewhat humbling.

So to all of you out there who read, have read, and who continue to read Stumpy Heaven...


While this project began as a way for me to keep track of my wargaming, it has over the last 2 years - principally because of the realisation that people other than me were reading it - morphed into something else.  Hopefully those of you who read it enjoy it and get something out of it - as I do try to ensure that what I blog about is, if not informative, at least interesting (this does mean I moderate my posts somewhat).

The content has also changed significantly moving from its initial focus on the wonders of Dwarfs, for which it is named, to include coverage of High Elves, Vampire Counts, Warmachine & Protectorate of Menoth, Fields of Glory Medieval gaming,  Flames of War WW2 gaming and more recently Ogre Kingdoms - demonstrating perhaps my over enthusiasm in jumping from one game system and army to another without considering the impact on my bank balance (Maelstrom Games UK has made a fortune off my in the last few years).

While most recent posts have been High Elf, Ogre and FOW focused for Dwarf fans out there I remain staunchly committed to the stumpy little buggers who are in my opinion the best race/army in the Warhammer World and who will always be my go to guys.  Once our new kick ass army book comes out this year I am going to go even more Dwarf crazy - having an equally fanatic Dwarf playing Club Mate (Adam) also helps as does the ability to use Dwarfs to wind up (although unfortunately not defeat - yet) NZ's King of Skaven Players Pete Dunn.

On the lighter side of things I came across this 'demotivational poster' the other day - made me laugh.


Ben said...

Well done on reaching 150 followers. I will say you have a great blog, I for one always ook out for this blog on my Blog List.

I just hope one day my blog can get to 150 followers!


Squeek Vermintide said...

Congratulations and well deserved I reckon!

Minitrol said...

Yep well deserved always enjoy the Dwarf related posts (but not those pointy eared ones grrrrrr).

I am up to 5 followers which I am pretty pleased with so far onwards and upwards!

John M said...

Thanks guys :)