April 22, 2012

Ahhh I got Vamp'd time for a slight list change

Had a very enjoyable game against Glen Burfields Vampire Counts this morning, my first against the new VC book. He was using what he termed a Screaming List (view it here) very nasty especially with the new rules vastly improving the ability to raise dead, and the small but important tweaks to some of the army rules. 

Will post big battle report tomorrow but for now its led me to reconsider my army list for the Horned Gobbo tournament in a fortnights time - Yes I know you shouldn't over react and change your list after getting *ahem* tabled - but to be fair (or rather to convince myself) I am simply going back to an older list that works a little better - and making use of the loosened comp rules.

High Elf Tournament List v3

Archmage - 360pts
w. Level 4 upgrade, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Preservation, Crown of Command, Lore of Shadow

Mage - 175pts
w. Level 2 upgrade, Annulian Crystal, High Magic

Noble - 168pts
w. Battle Standard, Great Weapon, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix

39 x Spears - 386pts
w. Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

14 x Archers - 159pts
w. Musician
13 x Archers - 148pts
w. Musician
28 x White Lions - 470pts
w. Full Command, Ironcurse Icon, Standard of Discipline
14 x Swordmasters - 216pts
w. Musician
14 x Swordmasters - 216pts
w. Musician
Great Eagle - 50pts
Great Eagle - 50pts

TOTAL 2,398pts

Basic changes are addition of Dispel Scroll and Crown of Command to Archmage who will now go with the Spears and not the White Lions.  The Crown might be overkill as I have tended toward running the Spears 5 wide and 10 deep with a character, but I may switch back to 7 wide now - the Crown gives you that option.  The Mage gets the Annulian Crystal giving me 2 Dispel Scroll equivalents, which the tournament comp rules allow, one of which destroys a spell on a 4+. Lores change as well to Shadow for the Archmage which I am more comfortable using and High Magic for the Level 2 - principally as its casting values are lower and it gives me the ability to take Drain Magic. 

Ellyrian Reavers are removed from the list - Ill still finish painting them though - I like the unit but their inclusion was more of an over-reaction to a one-off success against a Bretonnian list than for a real tactical reason.  Other units remain the same although the White Lions get the Ironcurse Icon.

Hopefully the variation is accepted - lists were due on 28th April - if not Ill run the original one.


Simon Switzer said...

See John, bits a sign, go back to Dwarfs!

Ryan said...

I feel for you man, Glen had just tabled me earlier in the day. Though I feel much more comfortable with the rules now. Thanks for putting up with all my questions throughout your game. Look forward to seeing you at the tournament. I'll put my list on Wrythold once I finalise it.

Itchy said...

Your High Elves are some of the best I've seen, bar none.

Would you recommend the High Elves to a wargaming beginner who is interested in WHFB? Why or why not?

I've always been intimidated by the perceived learning curve associated with WHFB but I find I really want to give it a shot and the HE are way to cool not to consider them as a starting army.

John M said...

Thanks Itchy thats a very nice thing to say and I appreciate it. But honestly there are some HE armies out there that are spectacular and make mine look like dog food.

Check out the following links


As for starting WHFB every army provides a decent start option with the exception of Bretonnians, Wood Elves & Dwarfs who have the oldest books. The all play differently so I always recommend that you find an army whose fluff you like and whose models you like and go from there.

High Elf Positives
- Strong magic phase; no restrictions & good range of items
- Very strong special combat units, some of the best in the game
- Always strike first with re-rolls to hit against most opponents.
- Core troops reasonably cheap
- Decent characters
- Fast moving and very flexible tactically.
- Good mix of infantry, cavalry and scout units
- Ability to build a range of competitive army lists; more flexibility here than many other armies

High Elf Negatives
- All models lack toughness base is 3 i.e. if an enemy hits them they die, so they rely on always striking first
- Armies are always small due to reliance on expensive special units
- Base strength of 3 means they find it hard to kill a lot of things, only a few units can take on big monsters
- Lack effective heavy cavalry
- No monsters or similar, other than Dragons for characters that are cost prohibitive.
- Limited core choices and 25% min core req' limit number of effective troops in larger armies e.g. my tournament army has effectively lost one special unit because of this rule in 8th.
- Only warmachines are weak
- Shooting hits easily but wounds badly

Would they be a good first army? Yes, primarily as they have such a range of models/units and competitive builds that there is something to suit every play style. No, if you dont like to get thumped regularly when starting out particular if playing against the nastier armies.

But as I said if you like them buy them - I did and do, HE are just fun to play and really require you to develop your gaming tactics.