April 3, 2012

Another Maelstrom Games sales & Dwarfs for next tournament

Maelstrom Games keep sucking me in with their regular sales this time with a 25% off Spring Clean event, unfortunately as they can't sell GW stuff to NZ anymore i cant stock up on Ogres.   But Maelstrom do have an amazing range of wargaming miniatures and supplies available including a number of alternate FOW vehicles.  So allowing myself to be lured in by the savings I placed an order for the following items from the Forged in Battle Range.

Panzer III J/L Platoon w. 4 Tanks

3 x Panther G's
I've picked up some Forged in Battle items before a unit of SdKfz 251's which were pretty good - but I then decided I no longer needed them and gave them away.  Unfortunately what I really wanted were some Marder III's which FiB have.  But Maelstrom were out of stock and the sale only applied to in-stock items - otherwise I would have gone with the Plastic Solider Company Panthers (5 for the same price as 3 FiB vehicles) and the Marders.  But these will do.  The Panthers will go with my LW Panzer Company, while the PzIII's will fit in with any MW Fallschirmjager force.

Also decided - principally as the repainting of my High Elves is taking too long - to take Dwarfs to Horned Gobbo in May (going to register and assume that I can talk my wife in giving me a weekend pass - should work fingers crossed).

After that the next event is Panzershrek XI here in at home a Mid-War FOW doubles event.  Jeremy and I will teaming up again both of us taking infantry, me Fallschirmjager him standard Heer.  To balance out the army Ill supply all the AT & Armour, and he'll bring all the artillery/Mortars.

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