April 12, 2012

Army Lists - Fallschirmjager @ 1500 & High Elves @ 2400

Gaming night its more MW- FOW with my Fallschirmjager taking on one of Tom Robertsons lists think he's bringing British 8th Army not to sure.  We're playing 1500pts and I'm sticking with the North Africa sourcebook as it gives you more options.  Did consider running FJ Pioneers but the points cost is too great essentially an extra 100pts on each combat platoon.  List is a variation on my half of the list Jeremy and I are taking to Panzershrek (although we haven't finalised the details yet).

Mid War Fallschirmjager @ 1500pts
CHQ (PK/SMG) - 65pts
FJ Combat Platoon (PK + 3 Squads) - 270pts
FJ Combat Platoon (PK + 3 Squads) - 270pts
FJ AT Platoon (SMG + 2 x Pak 40) - 165pts
FJ Heavy Mortars (SMG + 4 x 10.5) - 205pts
FJ AA Platoon (SMG + 2 x Flak 38) - 65pts
Heer Panzer Platoon (4 x PzIII L) - 460pts

Total 1,500 exactly with 6 Platoons

Running with PzIII L's rather than III N's with the better FP as the higher ROF on the main gun is beneficial given that FV Fallschirmjager are usually outnumbered.  I could get 4 Marders at 100pts less with a higher AT rating but the armour on the Panzers is nice to have.  AA Platoon necessary in V3 and if not they make some reasonably handy HMG substitutes. 

The completion of my High Elf Swordmasters also means that only a single unit of 14 Archers needs to be re-done, along with the new MDF movement trays, and my High Elves are ready for Horned Gobbo in May.  Going to go with a variation on the list I took at against Brendons Brettonians a few weeks ago and run with:

High Elf Tournament List @ 2400pts
Archmage L4
w. Folraiths Robe,  Jewel of Dusk, Lore of Death

Mage L2
w. Dispel Scroll, Ironcurse Icon, Lore of Beasts

w. BSB, Armour of Caledor, GW, Guardian Phoenix

40 x Spears
w. Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

13 x Archers
w. Musician

13 x Archers
w. Musician

28 x White Lions
w. Full Command, Standard of Discipline

13 x Swordmasters
w. Musician

13 x Swordmasters
w. Musician
5 x Reavers
w. Musician, Bows instead of Spears


TOTAL 2,400

It's very different from what I last used at a tournament and like all High Elf lists leaves me without that big monster killing item/character that I need but it works well enough for me.  Swordmasters might (will) get shot a lot but you only need 7 to survive for them to be deadly in combat.  Spears will, depending on opponent, either run 5 wide and 8 deep to maintain steadfast effectively giving me two stubborn units.  Beasts is a new Lore choice for me and normally with a L2 and L4 you'd give them both the same Lore to ensure you got all 6 spells but Death is versatile enough that 4 is OK.  Sigil of Asuryan is a Dispel Scroll that destroys the enemy spell on a 4+ and can come in handy.  BSB as usual is the boring old standard setup that hasnt changed in 2 years - maybe the next book will give some more options there.


Simon Switzer said...

*Gasps* Not bringing Dwarfs to Horned Gobbo?!?

The Swordsmen look great by the way. Really digging the colour scheme.


John M said...

Cheers Simon - yeah I know shock horror but I've been painting High Elves lately and feel like using them. List is modified slightly now too.