April 10, 2012

Battle Report - Fallschirmjager vs. Spanish Blue

Played my first game of V3 FOW last Thursday with Jeremy and I trying out the respective halfs of our possible doubles tournament list for Panzershrek in July.  Problem was our planning meant that in a 1v1 scenario things were rather unbalanced.  I had Tanks, AA and AT Guns but no artillery while he had a lot of Artillery and no AT or Aircraft.  We played a straight up fair fight and despite being the Defending team I decided, because of the terrain to launch an attack instead.

Fallschirmjager 1100pts
FJ Platoon - PK + 2 Squads
FJ Platoon - PK + 2 Squads
FJ Platoon - PK + 2 Squads (KG from the 1st two combat platoons)
FJ Light Guns - 2 x LG40
4 x Marder II's
2 x FJ Flak 38

Spanish Blue
Combat Platoon
Combat Platoon
HMG Platoon
Mortar Platoon - 4 x GW42
Artillery Platoon - 4 x 10.5cm

 The map above shows the overall situation after my 1st turn.  The Marders and the KG'd FJ Platoon have advanced up to occupy the village while the remaining Platoons are dug in around the two objectives (one bottom left, the other bottom right).  The Spainards are guarding two objectives in the centre and to the left with both combat platoons strung out across them, the HMG's combat attached evenly between them.  Artillery and Mortars in the middle with Spotters on the hill and in the Church Tower.  Plan was for the Infantry and Marders to move through the village and use the cover to advance into the forest top centre.  2nd FJ Platoon would then move up onto the hill while the units in the Village took out the Artillery and Mortars.

Fallschirmjager and Marders (proxied by StuGs) advance through the village

I think the saying is "No plan survives first contact with the enemy" and mine was no exception.  The units in the village were unable to dent the Mortars and Artillery although the Marder/StuGs did take out one gun.  The Spainards response was to bracket the entire village with Artillery and Mortar fire this kept my FJ units pinned down; permanently as it turned out as I couldnt make any motivation saves.  The Artillery also started to rip through the Marders who were unable to avoid it.
Time to take out that damn artillery observer
The 2nd FJ Platoon advances onto the hill top and assaults the Artillery Observer before deploying to bring fire down onto the dug in Spanish infantry.  However, a round of highly successful shooting by the Spanish Artillery which takes out the Marders allows the Mortars to switch fire to the hill top bracketing the exposed infantry. HMG's which I had overlooked also open up and soon the 2nd FJ is pinned down along with its comrades in the village below.

Fallschirmjager on the Church hill top are forced to fall back and dig in behind cover.  In the village below Artillery fire has continued to decimate their comrades
Taking advantage of the weakened Fallschirmjager Spanish infantry begins to advance toward the Church Hill, as Artillery and Mortars switch fire back to the village.
After this things got really bad.  The Fallschirmjager in the village are wiped out by Artillery with the remnants running away, while those of the Church hill are assaulted and overrun.  On my left the remaining Fallschrim Platoon and the AA Platoon abandon their positions and rush toward the hilltop in order to stop the Spanish advance on the objective below it.

This leaves a massive hole on my left flank which the remaining Spanish infantry now unopposed double time toward.  More Artillery and Mortar fire brackets my infantry pinning it down, and while the Light Guns dish out a lot of damage on the advancing Spanish they are soon overrun.  Eventually outnumbered by overwhelming odds, I only have the 2 Flak 38's left and we call game over.

Fun game, difficult to play as these armies were essentially two halves of the same doubles tournament team.  Long-term we are looking at dropping the Spanish Artillery and taking Priority Air and Rockets instead.  Ill also switch the Fallschirmjager to Pioneers and look at squeezing in as much AT as possible.

This weeks I have 1500pts of Mid-War against Tom and then a couple more weeks of FOW after that.

All confirmed to that Horned Gobbo in Wellington is my next WHFB tournament - if I get some painting done tonight I am going to take High Elves rather than Dwarfs.

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