April 24, 2012

FOW Mid-War Doubles Tournament List

Jeremy and I are running our first full practice game with our 'possible' Panzershrek XI doubles list this Thursday, his Eastern Front Grenadiers and my North Africa Panzer Company.  Up against Tom who I think is bringing a horde of Soviet Tanks either as 2 separate companies as per tournament rules, or as one army.

We still have till end of June to finalise the list so plenty of time for practice.  Either way Jeremy's bringing the artillery and air and I'm bringing the armour and AT stuff. In may case thats either Pioneers with supporting Tanks and AT guns, or Tanks with AT guns.

Panzershrek XI - Doubles Tournament Army List

Grenadiers (Jeremy)
Sourcebook - Eastern Front
CHQ - 2 x Panzerknacker/SMG = 55pts
Grenadier Platoon - 1 x PK/SMG, 6 teams, Light Mortar = 175pts
Grenadier Platoon - 1 x PK/SMG, 6 teams = 160pts
HMG Platoon - 4 x MGW2 = 135pts
Mortar Platoon - 4 x GW34 = 125pts
Infantry Guns - 2 x 7.5cm leIG18 = 70pts
Rockets - 4 x NW41 = 160pts
Priority Air - Ju87D with Bombs = 175pts

Total 1,055 pts (passing 45pts to me to add to my list) in 6 platoons

Panzer Company (me)
Sourcebook - North Africa (North African list rather than Tunisia)
CHQ - 2 x PzIIIM = 230pts
Panzer Platoon - 3 x PzIIIJ (Late) = 315pts
Panzer Platoon - 3 x PzIIIJ (Late) = 315pts
AT Platoon - 3 x Pak40 = 220pts
AA Platoon - 2 x Sdkfz 250/1 2cm = 65pts

Total 1,045 in 4 Platoons.

Only difference between the PzIIIM and PzIIIJ (Late) is that the IIIM has Front Armour 6 vs. 5 for the IIIJ (Late).  I took the North African rather than Tunisian company as for 315pts in North Africa you upgrade to PzIIIJ late's whereas in Tunisia you start with IIIM's but a Platoon of 3 costs you 345pts.  Only real change I would consider here would be dropping AA and IIIM upgrade in HQ and taking 4 x Pak 40's, or dropping IIIM upgrade asking Jeremy to lose the Light Mortar and adding a 3rd AA Half-track.

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