April 22, 2012

Flowery Fallschirmjager

In the midst of doing some more painting last night and remembered that I had just recieved some flowery scenic tufts from Slave to Painting, dropped the painting and started adding them to my Fallschirmjager - they'll also be going on my Ogres (maybe).  Product makes an instance impression just a pity they dont come in more colours was hoping to have different coloured flowers on every platoon.

1st Platoon

1st Platoon

2nd Platoon
2nd Platoon


HMG Platoon
Also finished off with some a couple of small magnets is the Ju87D that Tom very kindly gave me at the Club a couple of weeks ago.  Wish I could claim cudos for painting it but its all his work :)


Elven Glades said...

Like the flock you've used. It really makes the 15mm troops stand out. Where abouts do you get the flock from. I'm starting my Flames campaign at club today and it's gonna be americans.

Chase said...

Very good looking FJ You have there :). Those sandbags on the mortars are great, I also like the flowers and the FJ themselves.

John M said...

Thanks guys

The flock is standard GF9 grass flock, the dark green tufts are from Silflor which I order from Irrestible Force in Australia but the product is widely available. If you go to the Flames of War forums there is an excellent review article on them which shows you each tuft type and their respective sizes next to a standard infantry figure.

The flowers are from http://www.slavetopainting.co.nz not sure of the brand off the top of my head sorry.