April 11, 2012

High Elf Swordmasters completed

Finally finished these guys last night.  Kept them simple in the end so just a green dot on the gems with no extra detailing, minimal black lining to bring out edges and no real effort to clean up various overruns etc.  But they are tabletop ready and now I have two full units of 14 to run out, or with the Standard Bearer and a unit filler and unit of 28+.

The height difference betweensome of the figures is due to about half of them being based on IronHalo bases which are approx. double the height of the standard plastic GW bases.   Movement trays are the MDF custom builts I got a few weeks ago.  Keeping them plain and getting rid of the snow lined bases I had previously - the cleaner look appeals to me more.


Swordmasters Colour Palette
Purple Armour - Hugomount Purple, Liche Purple, Purple Wash, Warlock Purple highlights
Helmet Plumes - Scab Red, Red Wash, Blood Red
Metallic Armour - Mithril Silver, Black Wash, Chainmail highlights (in a few small areas only)
Skin - Tanned Flesh, Flesh Wash, Elf Flesh
Gems - Snot Green (nothing else done as I wasnt going for extra detail)
Weapons - Blades are Mithril Silver w. Black Wash, some handles are Dwarf Bronze w. Shining Gold
Hair - Scorched Brown
Boots - Scorched Brown, Snakebite Leather
Bases  & Movement Trays - Adeptus Battle Grey
Snow (1) - PVA, GF9 Snow Flock, Water plus White Paint
Snow (2) - Selley's Polyfilla, White Paint
The models on the larger IronHalo bases are also lacking in a bit of detail as I painted over their old scheme rather than strip them and start from scratch.  For comparison purposes the old paint scheme looked like this...
Old Paint Job

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