April 18, 2012

High Elves & Panzers completed & WIP painting

Finally finished the 2nd of my two High Elf Archer units the other night, except for the movement tray which I still need to paint Adeptus Battlegrey.  The unit was a 2nd hand one that came pre-painted in some really horrible blue colour.  Rather than strip them I just painted over the top (foundation paints are awesome) and speed painted my standard scheme - consequently they look a bit rough but still match the overall army. 

First unit is the one with the kneeling archers (should be more of these guys in the box set) second unit has guys standing (unfortunately the original owner didnt adjust their positions so they are all pointing in the same direction). 

The final unit for my High Elf tournament list, which has to be painted by the end of the month, is a unit of Ellyrian Reavers from the IoB boxed set.  I've always wanted this unit in my army but never liked the original metal models, the plastic ones from IoB though are fantastic. 

Already completed one guy as a bit of tester a few months ago, will most likely redo his horse but otherwise his colour scheme will go across the rest of the unit.  After that there are 10 White Lions to quickly finish off and the armies all sweet (they just need filler put on the bases).

Also newly arrived from Maelstrom Games (courtesy of their 25% off Spring Clean sale) were a Platoon of Forged in Battle PzIIIL's and 3 x Panther's.  The PzIII's will join my Mid-War collection and will be getting a run tomorrow night.  The Panthers join my Plastic Soldier Company PzIV's in my LW Panzer Company.  Much to the disapproval of my club mates I am continuing my love affiar with non-Battlefront vehicles - although their new plastics range will prob change that if price is right

 Anyway the 1st picture is the Platoon all assembled.  Resin well detailed main body with Metal turret that comes with options for turning them into Flamepanzers.  Quick and easy turret assembly.  Detailing is good enough for me - bases do mean they sit higher than standard models, but I will placing all of my vehicles on bases at some point.
Side by side comparison of Battlefront StuG G, Forged in Battle PzIII and Plastic Soldier Company PzIVH.  Have 1 more Platoon of PzIIIM's also from Forged in Battle on the way as well.  These guys look the same but have Schurzen attached and Ill mix and match them with the non-Schurzen tanks for a simple Panzer Company.

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