April 18, 2012

Mighty Empires modified rules

Couple of the guys at the club last week were keen on starting up a campaign to organise all of the Warhammer games at the club each night.  Sounded like such a great idea that I have procrastinated a fair bit this week, principally as an excuse to avoid marking student assignments, and come up with a modified rule set we can use.

Its based on rules adopted by Pete Dunn at Fields of Blood for a campaign based tournament he ran last year (more of these please Pete).  These in turn were derived from the work of Tarjei Aasen whose rule set has been floating around for a while.  I've also taken onboard a number of ideas developed by John at Plastic Legions whose blog detailed a very interesting campaign run at his local club.  Both Pete and John very kindly emailed me a copy of their rules, the rest were freely available online.

Going to discuss my first draft with at the Club tomorrow night, but thought other people might be interested so here's a link to my ruleset.

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