April 30, 2012

Panzer III's in the Desert

Finished painting these guys last night.  Upon recommendations of my club mates I opted not to put the same camo pattern on them that I put on my PzIV's and went for a Desert DAK theme instead to go with the various North African lists I've been putting together lately.

They've turned out OK althought I think I might need some additional highlighting/drybrushing with the Desert Yellow as the last layer of washing might have been a bit too much.  Any suggestions here would be appreciated

Painting Process for the Panzers and the Half-Tracks was pretty simple:


Undercoat - GW Chaos Black (Spray)
Basecoat - Tamiya Dark Yellow (Spray)
Washing - GW Sepia & Ogryn Flesh
Top Coat - Tamiya Desert Yellow
Washing - GW Ogryn Flesh & Badab Black (only in certain areas)

Basecoat - GW Adeptus Battlegrey
Drybrush - GW Codex Grey
Washing - GW Badab Black & Sepia Wash (would normally use Mud Wash but I was all out)

Basecoat - GW Bestial Brown
Drybrush #1 - Tamiya Desert Yellow
Drybrush #2 - GW Bleached Bone
Tufts from Slave to Painting


Painting these and building a whole pile of MW North African lists has generated a lot of enthusiasm for building a DAK army.  While I could use my Fallshirmjager they are all based for Europe not the Desert.  So Ill need some additional models - I know what a hardship, having to buy more toys.

I have Battlefront Panzer Decals so will do these up as though they are from the 21st Panzer Division.  Next additions to the DAK list will be some armoured cars for Recon, the 2nd unit of Forged in Battle PzIII's which arrived today, a Platoon of Pioneers and maybe a couple of AT Guns - not quite sure.  Either way I am definately going to be taking these guys to Panzershrek and if I can get some guns sorted will be able to take a themed DAK army.


ATOM said...

Nice job on the Afrika Korps armour!

John Murrie said...

Cheers :)