April 16, 2012

Tournament Lists submitted & rejigging

Bit the bullet this morning and emailed my list in for my next WHFB tournament Horned Gobbo over the first weekend of May.  Just have the Ellyrian Reavers and the movement trays to finish painting and they are all done.  List is the one I posted last week but with one less Spearmen (as I had added up the original list wrong) bringing it in at 2,399pts. 

In Flames of War though my list for Panzershrek XI in July is undergoing dramatic changes.  After my 8000pt game last week I did learn that Pioneers can go for tanks but that Tank hordes are going to dominate the tournament.  Consequently, I have two choices either go AT heavy or switch to a Panzer list. 

Working on three alternatives right now - helped by my playing partners ability to spot me 85pts giving me 1185 rather than 1100 to build my list (partners can swap upto 200pts between them as long as the final total doesnt come to more than 2200). 

Option 1 - Fallschrimjager (North Africa)
CHQ - 2 x PK/SMG - 65pts
FJ Platoon - PK + 2 Squads - 190pts
FJ Platoon - PK + 2 Squads - 190pts
FJ AT Platoon - 2 x Pak 40 - 165pts
Panzer Platoon - 3 x PzIIIM 345pts
Heer AT Platoon - 3 x Pak 40 - 220pts

or drop Heer AT & PK on CHQ and take 3 Squads in each combat Platoon for total points cost.

Option 2 - FallschirmPioneers (North Africa)
CHQ - 55pts
Pioneer Platoon - 2 Squads + Truck - 265pts
Pioneer Platoon - 2 Squads + Truck - 265pts
Panzer Platoon - 3 x PzIIIM - 345pts
FJ AT Platoon - 3 x Pak 40 - 245pts

Option 3 - Panzer Company
CHQ - 2 x PzIVG - 290pts
Panzers - 3 x PzIIIM - 345pts
Panzers - 3 x PzIIIM - 345pts
Light AA - 2 x Sdkfz 10/5 - 65pts
Half-track Panzerspah - 1 x Sdkfz 250 & 2 x Sdkfz 250/9 - 120pts

Pros & Cons of these lists?
Option 1 
In any round of shooting the combined firepower of the Panzers and AT guns is 10 shots at AT12 upto 32" and 9 at AT9 upto 24" which is very strong.  AT guns also get the benefit of being able to dig in etc.  AT12 will go straight through pretty much every Mid-War tank you can name, and have a good chance of killing the nasty ones e.g. KV's plus with 2 AT Platoons you can deploy 1 on either flank.  Alternatively given the plethora of Ambush games the 2 gun AT Platoon would make a nasty surprise, as would the PzIII's.  Disadvantage is that the FJ Platoons with only 2 Squads are not as resilient as they would be normally, and I doubt have 5 Pak40s so will have to borrow one.

Option 2
Losing 2 Heer Pak 40's which is a risk but gain 2 Platoons of infantry who have Tank Assault 4 so can stand up to them in close combat.  2 Trucks also allow the placing of minefields/barbed wire to block enemy movement.  Disadvantage is that its more defensive in nature and less flexible as you are going to have to guess which flank the enemy will hit, it will also make the Panzers more static.

Option 3
More offensive in nature and it will mean that in some games we will be the attacking army, whereas with two infantry companies (my partner is taking Spanish Blue) we would be on the defensive in every game.  My partner is taking 2 Infantry Platoons, HMGs, Rockets, Mortars and Air so we have protection there.  Recon is nice and can guard an objective AT5 on 250/9s means you could theoretically kill some lighter tanks from the side.  AA is needed to protect armour.  2 PzIV's take place of Pak40's but at AT11 but they are mobile. 

AT & Firepower of each list?
Option1 - 10 @ AT 12 + 9 @ AT 9 (only the AT9 is mobile)
Option 2 - 6 @ AT12 + 9 @ AT9 (only the AT9 is mobile)
Option 3 - 4 @ AT11 + 18 @ AT9 + 14 @ AT5 (all mobile)

This is the big decider I think - Option 3 gives you much more AT firepower in terms of weight of shot, but less in terms of AT power and in terms of FP effectiveness (PzIIIs have FP 4+ vs. Pak 40s 3+).  The mobility of Option 3 is an advantage though, but then again the AT power in Option 1 & 2 is longer range, and Option 2 can be set behind minefields.

Either way I'll be testing out Option 3 this Thursday and will see how it goes.


lap1964 said...

Hi,ref the 1st list,you can't take both a FJ A/T Gun plt and a Heer A/T Gun plt at the same time as there're both in the same support box (P.43 in NA )
I think you would be better off with atleast 1 FJ or FJ Pion plt at full strength?

John M said...

BUgger I didnt pick up on that cheers :)