April 4, 2012

WIP - High Elves White Lions, Swordmasters & Seaguard

Nearly finished the WL and SM just the washes on the flesh areas, some black lining to complete the highlighting, a couple of tints on the jewels and trees (like these) to add to the White Lion bases and they're all done.


Seaguard are taking a little longer as I figure out how to make them work, the shields in particular are too intricate for my liking.  My Spear Elves just have a plain purple shield with a hand painted emblem on them, these have more stuff.

Oh I finished the mage from the IoB set as well, although his skin needs washing and the green gems have to be finished.  Snow on all the bases is made from polyfiller so much easier than making your own out of flock, PVA and water.


RichardDeClare said...

Looking Good.

Like the combination of Red and Purple.

The mage looks very good as well. will stick out on the table!

John M said...

Thanks appreciate that - going to have to repaint my existing Swordmasters though as they have a slightly different look. Yellow highlights and black helmet plumes