April 26, 2012

WIP - Ogre Kingdoms Bruiser

Been sneaking in some painting on one of my Ogre Kingdoms figures - a Hero/Bruiser from the Avatars of War range rather than one of the GW models.  Was planning on going for a different skin tone say blue or grey but opted for standard flesh colours primarily as I am comfortable painting it.  Basing will be simple as well grey with snow like my High Elves but with the addition of various grass tufts and flowers to make them stand out a bit more.

Anyway other than the basing I just have the facial hair and top knot to complete and some more work to do on the eyes and teeth as these stand pop out as much I would like.


Basic colour palette for each section so far has been (using old GW range names as I havent got any of the new paints yet - for a good old vs. new range reference try this link)

Scorched Brown over Chaos Black base coat
Tanned Flesh
Dwarf Flesh
Flesh Wash (I really hope an equivalent of this is in the new GW paint range)
Dwarf Flesh
Elf Flesh

Scorched Brown over Chaos Black base coat
Bolt-Gun metal
Badab Black Wash
Stippled Scab Red, Flaming Orange & Blood Red (although the orange hasn't come through enough)
Red Wash
Dry Brush Blood Red
Bit of light brushing Bolt Gun Metal

Couple of minor things to finish off - but this overall is what the rest of my Ogres will look like, once I start bringing them home that is.


Simon Switzer said...

Lovely painting John. I have a real appreciation for the blood effects on the weapons.

Great Stuff, keep it up.

RedCraig said...

That's a nice paint job, I really like the bloody armour & weapons. Whenever I try that it turns out rubbish :)
Cool model too, it's got a real Chinese monk vibe with the top knot and facial hair.