May 27, 2012

Ogre Bull Unit Completed

Finished the full unit last night and opted for a different basing look than on the Butcher and Bruiser, both of which I will now redo.  Considering adding some Silflor flowers to the bases but overall pretty happy with the way the unit looks as is...


Next up are some Ironguts....

May 25, 2012

701st Blog Post & a FOW Pictorial Battle Report

Somewhat surprised to see that this is my 701st post on this blog - I must really procrastinate a lot!!  Had a good game of Doubles FOW last night our DAK Panzers/Eastern Front Grenadiers up against another Soviet Tank horde playing No Retreat. 

The Battlefield from our side with everything deployed forward except for those Platoons in reserve, and the PzIIIM's in ambush.  In hindsight I should have kept the PzIVF2s back in the small forest just in front of the river. 
PzIVF2's and 2IC PzIIIM waiting behind the Village hedgerows for the Soviet armour
Somehow my small Platoon of 3 x PzIV's just doesnt seem big enough when faced with that many T34's
All square so far - one T34 destroyed for the loss of 1 PzIIIM, if only our Air could kill something
More T34s moving through the Village, with the Su152s behind
PzIIIM's pop out in Ambush and make an immediate impact
4 more brewed up T34's and a couple more bailed out as the Panzers start to take a toll

Meanwhile on the other flank the other T34 horde is busy flanking us making it increasingly hard for the Panzers to protect their side/rear armour.
Things are getting confusing now - the T34s on the left have been stopped which is good as we have to shift the Panzers right to deal with other T34s.  Our air and artillery continues to do little damage, but the infantry guns bail out a few T34s.

The PzIIIM's miss with all 9 shots and then get wiped out by the T34's things are not looking good.
The PzIV's reduced the T34s on our left flank to a single Tank
But they cant do anything about the other 10 T34s coming in on our right
Crap we're surrounded and running out of options

Trying to be crafty by sneaking the 8-Rads up to side shot the T34 would work if their side armour wasnt 5?!?
Last gasp the PzIVs try to take out the Su152s to force a morale check on one of the Tankovy companies and force victory.

Game ends and we concede victory to the Soviets whose superior remaining numbers would have eventually swamped us.  Once again we deployed too far forward and didnt integrate our forces well.  But the lists works.

May 24, 2012

DAK PzIVs & 8-Rads nearly done

Got my PzIV F2's and 8-Rad's painted last night, although one of the PzIV's is missing his gun barrel (still waiting on BF to send it out to me).  Just a bit of highlighting to do on the PzIII's and PzIV's similar to the light lines visible on the 8-Rads and they are all done (oh and repaint the PzIII commanders in Khaki rather than Black).  Next additions will be another AA Half-track, some NW41's and possibly a couple more 8-rads.

And then because its been a while since I posted anything about Dwarfs here's some random pictures of my Dwarf army for you....


May 22, 2012

WIP - Ogre Bulls Step by Step photos

Making fast progress on my first unit Ogre Bulls after getting the initial basecoats done a few days ago.

Painting Ogre Skin in 4 easy Stages 
Photos show the four stages I go through to get to my finished look - for some reason I've put these going right to left instead of left to right?!?  The four stages are:
  1. Tanned Flesh + Flesh Wash (Ogre with Club)
  2. Dwarf Flesh (Ogre with Club)
  3. Elf Flesh (Ogre with Sword)
  4. Ogyrn Flesh Wash (The Bellower)


Time wise my painting can take a while, longer than I thought actually, but my process allows me to get through a lot of models reasonably quickly.  When I paint, its in the evenings (after kids are asleep) and usually for only 2-3 hours max.  The 6 models in this unit are the result of two nights worth of painting of about 6 hours so far.  Add in another night to do the basing and finish off some detailing on the faces, weapons and white parts of the pants and they should be done.  So overall, approximately 6-9 hours for a 6 model unit of Ogre Bulls (60-90 minutes per model on average).However, that time isn't all painting as I paint in front of the TV, make regular stops for cups of tea, a feed, chatting to my wife, playing with the baby etc so maybe 45mins per model?  

Basic process is Night 1 paint the base colours over the large areas and apply Flesh Wash, Night 2 adding highlighting layers, and final washes; Night 3-4 detailing and tidying up, and then basing. 

Washing is the tricky bit as you have to let this stuff dry overnight for the best results so whenever I wash an area I also stop painting it.

Close up of the difference Ogryn Flesh Wash makes
Washes are amazing and if you haven't tried them yet you have to get some - if only GW would reissue Flesh Wash.  Photos below highlight what they do.  The first photos are the Ogre Bellower before I applied the Ogyrn Flesh Wash (Old GW name for it), and after he has gone through Stages 1-3 above.

Note he still looks a bit pale and the colours are rather bright, that and the creases in the skin dont stand out very well.
 The same model after a single coat of Ogryn Flesh was has been added.

The nearly completed unit
At least one more night of painting ahead of me to get these guys complete, although that won't be for a few nights due to other committments including *sigh* work.  I also need to get some Grass Flock as I have changed my mind about how I want to base them and will be dispensing with the Snow.
Skin on all of them has been done in the same 4 stage process.  Weapons and armour has also had 3 layers added to it (1) Boltgun Metal, (2) Badab Black and (3) Chainmail.  Green pant sections have had (1) Dark Angels Green, (2) Snot Green, (3) Goblin Green & (4) Scorpion Green.  White/Grey sections have had (1) Codex Grey, (2) Fortress Grey, and (3) Spacewolves grey and will get Skull White added next.  Leather areas have had (1) Scorched Brown then (2) Snakebite Leather.  Wooden Clubs had (1) Scorched Brown and then (2) Graveyard Earth.

May 21, 2012

FOW North African Panzer Army List

Playing another 2v2 practice game this Thursday in preparation for Panzershrek XI in July.  Sticking with my North African Panzer Company while my playing partner will be bringing Eastern Front Grenadiers.  1100pts each, only one player can bring Air Support, and you can swap upto 200pts between partners - I've borrowed 90pts increasing my available total to 1190.

Latest variation is...

2 x PzIIIM (Schurzen) - 240pts
3 x PzIIIM - 345pts
3 x PzIVF2 - 435pts
2 x 8 Rad - 85pts
2 x Sd Kfz 10/5 (Armoured) - 85pts

TOTAL 1,190

Still concerned about the small size of the Recon and AA Platoons which would be easy to kill therefore bringing me close to breaking point relatively quickly.  Other options include:
  1. Dropping the AA and adding a 2nd 8-rad Patrol takes points to 1,180 and Platoons to 3
  2. Dropping the PzIIIM Platoon to PzIIIJ (Lates), adding a 3rd AA Half-track and giving them armour (from Militere Eastern Front list)
  3. Dropping AA and Recon then changing 1st Platoon to 4 x PzIIIJ (Lates), and adding another PzIIIJ (Late) to the 2nd Platoon.  2 more tanks but with 1 less FA and no other support.
We'll see how it goes on Thursday and Ill get some advice from my club mates then.  Painting wise I undercoated my Battlefront PzIVF2s and 8-rads last night and have started repainting a FJ Platoon in desert coloured uniforms.  Should all be done by Panzershrek in July.

May 20, 2012

Ogre Butcher finished & WIP Ogre Bulls

Finished this guy - minus flock/tufts on the base - last night.  I could tidy up some little details on him but to be honest he looks good enough for me.  Actually found that painting Finecast was a pleasant experience it seems to give the paint a naturally dull finish that looks more natural, plastic comes out rather shiny unless you paint it right. 

Started on my first unit of Ogre Bulls as well - Afrika Korp painting has stopped while I sort out the materials I need to put decals on properly (i.e. without the shiny after result). Painting process so far has been:

- Tanned Flesh basecoat
- Flesh Wash

- Dark Green
- Snot Green
- Codex Grey

- Boltgun Metal
- Badab Black Wash

Basically every unit will get different coloured pants so you can tell them all apart.  Not going with the multiple stripe look (alah Obelix) basically its a bit too tricky for me.